No More Orders over the Phone???

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Would you ever switch to only offering online ordering for takeout and delivery?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    I am considering no longer taking orders over the phone and directing all takeout and delivery to online. We recently switched to ChowNow and love it! Online orders are up 40%... with and $8 check average increase.

    My thoughts:

    1. Every order will be right, because the customer is always right and the ordering will be on them.

    2. Higher check average

    3. All orders are paid for online, so for Takeout, no more manual card entries over the phone and when the Guest shows up...they just states their name and off they go. For Delivery, no more pre-authorizing Credit Cards, Drivers entering Tips, etc.... All orders are paid for when they are placed. We have seen about 20% average too for our online deliveries...because the app gives a % option (10%, 20%, Other).

    3. This would be 1-2 less hourly employees per shift, who typically answer phones and ring people out.

    4. No more "I told the person I places my order "Extra Cheese!!!". You have ruined my life because I didn't get my EXTRA CHEESE!

    4. No more getting the person on the phone to stop their rambling their order, before you have to stop them and ask if Pickup or Delivery, their name...etc...

    Do I think we may lose some customers who just won't place online...yes. but I "think" with increased order accuracy, ease of pickup for Guest, labor savings, increased check average, is worth testing.

    If anybody has made the switch, would love to learn about your learnings...also, just member thoughts in general.

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    I have a number of customers that would be left out if I were to do this. They are the older folks that have trouble with technology and all they want to do is talk to a real person. I take pride in the fact I try to meet EVERY customer's needs whether it is making their pizza that special way or giving them the little extra attention they need.
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