Rotating Brick Ovens: Opinions ?

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    Mar 9, 2016
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    Hi Folks,
    Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience using rotating brick ovens like the Marra Forni Rotator brick ovens ?
    Thinking about changing from our current thin crust sheeted conveyor based pizza style.
    We currently sell about 500 original, wholemeal spelt, or gluten free pizzas a week (delco) but think the upside/ceiling could be higher with a more Neapolitan style of pizza.
    Probably closer to the California Pizza Kitchen style so it can support a few more toppings than classic Neapolitan without too much sag.
    We would cook at a slightly lower temperature (5oodegrees) and for slightly longer than the 100%authentic neopolitan approach.
    Mainly interested in whether these types of ovens can handle rush hour volume for us e.g. 150 pizzas in 90 mins to 2 hrs.
    Looking for crispy cornicione’s that are fluffy on the inside with pizza base showing less sag than classic neapolitan so it can take a moderately higher amount of toppings.
    Unfortunately I have no experience with these ovens, but they look like they could handle the volume and require less cooking skill due to the rotation that can be set to a time.
    Appreciate any thoughts