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  1. C&C
    Selling my pizzeria equipment. Under warranty. Izzo Forni Oven imported from Italy, Hobart h600t 4 gear 60qt dough mixer, very rare.
  2. C&C
    C&C Pizzeria
  3. kjs421
    kjs421 George Mills
    Hey George
  4. Alberto Spazzi
    Alberto Spazzi
    Introducing "saucePRO": probably the most innovative pizza product in the last decade!
  5. petlove
  6. Gary
    Gary Jeremy
    Hey Jeremy I wanted to add beer nuggets to my menu and not really sure about how to make them properly. Im out here on west coat and i have a good dough and throw that in fryer but my question is any other suggestion or what to top them with or addition to dough to make them better. how do you cut them in squares easier process?..
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    2. Jeremy
      Didn’t realize could only type so much. Had a whole thing typed up. Lol
      Apr 14, 2018
    3. Jeremy
      Garlic parm, cinnamon, funnel, taco and buffalo are all different beer nuggets we do. Options are limitless. I can explain how we do exactly each one if you want. Most popular kitchen item hands down. Almost every pizza ordered also orders an order of nuggets. Cheap to make.
      Apr 14, 2018
    4. Jeremy
      The key is butter and spices and than the dipping sauce. Also the dough quality and procedure on how you make them. Must be golden brown..not to big not to small. We give a lot per order and people love that. We sell half order for $5.99 and full order for $7.99 and people don’t bat an eye. In West coast could do even higher prices.
      Apr 14, 2018
  7. consultant
  8. bargaincrusader
    bargaincrusader Tom Lehmann
    I am considering to open a fast casual pizza location. Wondering some places for good info. to start without franchise. Or why franchise?
  9. JoyceS
    JoyceS RobT
    Rob, Please send me a copy of the letter you wrote to Cintas. We are thinking of cancelling our service. We have 40 employees, but as of right now I only have 5 that have uniforms, they do our rugs, and other items. I really plan on getting the guys to turn their uniforms in one at a time and cancel a few services, hopefully they will decide to cancel us. You can email it to: Thanks
  10. michael malane
    michael malane
    what is All Montana flour from ADM Centennial Mills?
  11. ashley N
    ashley N RobT
    Hello, I am trying to end my contract with Cintas for the horrible service I'm getting. It would be very helpful if I could also see the letter you sent to them. Thank you
  12. Jerry Dee
    Jerry Dee
    I am told that offering free help is not advised here, but that is what we do.
  13. george dimarca
    george dimarca Tom Lehmann
    Tom, I have been experimenting with a chicago style cracker crust pizza. What would be the hydration on 25lbs of all purpose cerosota flour. Is it 45%. Also do you add oil to cracker crust and what percentage? thanks
  14. Jerry Dee
    Jerry Dee
  15. Gary Tallman
    Gary Tallman
    Always Ready To Answer Questions and Provide Assistance
  16. Richard D
    Richard D
    Getting back in the business with a food truck.
  17. DaveUO
    David Locke - Contact Info: - c-603-860-9954
  18. DaveUO
  19. kjs421
    kjs421 Jessica Miller
    You sound just like us, can't for the life of me figure it out. We have a lot of pizza competition plus all the franchise's. We won two major awards and dont have the money to advertise. This sucks.
    1. Jerry Dee
      Jerry Dee
      I would love to help you in exchange for a testimonial :) Please feel free to call me at (702) 426-7669
      Jan 25, 2018
  20. Joe Funkey
    Joe Funkey George Mills
    Hi George, I am told by the Health department that for the Y602 I have to have the hood extend to the total opening of the door? She said that I could by an extension? I have had to have an eye brow installed on a previous hood, but I cant find a bolt on or "funnel" as she called it anywhere? Do you know what she is talking about? Thanks