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  1. TheresaFunke
  2. Shannon Panaro
    Shannon Panaro
    Want free text marketing for life? We are the only company offering this program! Text free4life to 51660 to learn more!
  3. Shannon Panaro
  4. Gary Beaver
    Gary Beaver
    We install Hoods, Pizza Oven, Fire Suppression. Licensed in NC, SC, GA, we Install Dominos, Little Caesars
  5. Gary Beaver
    Gary Beaver
    Standard Fire Protection Inc, we are a complete hood, Pizza oven and fire suppression installation company.
  6. BostonPie
    BostonPie December
    HI, My name is Jim from Rocco's Italian Pizzeria. Who do you use for your vendor for fresh dough?
  7. Shannon Panaro
  8. Kenneth Adams
    Kenneth Adams
    Merchant Services questions and answers
  9. David DeSantis
  10. David DeSantis
  11. Ezzo
    Its Ezzo! We in this motha! ig: @ezzosauageco
  12. Chris Pro
    Chris Pro
    Hello all! Excited to join this forum. Looking for help with Lincoln impinger ovens. Ty
  13. Russell Hibbs
    Russell Hibbs
    Former pizza shop owner, still have pizza sauce in the blood
  14. Blake Harris
    Blake Harris
    I'm video editor here at PMQ.
  15. Shannon Panaro
    Shannon Panaro
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  16. Bruce Burke
    Bruce Burke
    The results are in! Only RedFox POS & Square have both standalone POS and standalone online ordering. But RedFox also has Facebook ordering!
  17. Shannon Panaro
    Shannon Panaro
    We sent out over 5 million text messages to consumers last month... goes to show consumers want to be reached by text!
  18. RockPos
    If you are looking for a POS solution for your Prestashop store, RockPOS is your first choice. Sell on the go. Sell in-store. Easy to use.
  19. rickmcloughlin9
    We give you the best pizza in town that will satisfy your craving.
  20. David DeSantis
    David DeSantis
    I lost $4K to outages w Xfinity NOT MY COMPANY. Records telephone orders, upsells. mobile backup if internet fails. $155M
    1. David DeSantis
      David DeSantis
      My brother turned me onto to them and now I saw them in PMQ... The owner is John Scully and the reason I like him is he doesn't lie, the product works, it will save me tons of money 6 phones 155Month... Records all my greetings easily on my own... extra phones are about 25M...
      Sep 24, 2016
    2. David DeSantis
      David DeSantis
      I can listen to playback of any order and the thing can answer my phone to customer in 3 rings, puts them on hold but keeps ringing in my shop... We will always sound like pros now... This also backs up the internet for POS with mobile now, you can always process cards and take orders... I know this a lot to post, but this one has me truly excited....
      Sep 24, 2016
    3. David DeSantis
      David DeSantis
      oh... and my brother just went through his first Friday night in two of his 6 shops and all was smooth as silk.... can't wait to get mine installed...
      Sep 24, 2016