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  1. gnob
    DiamondTouch POS - anyone knows how to restore a database backup?
  2. kjs421
    kjs421 URNUTS
    Can't believe nobody responded about the expo in NJ
  3. kjs421
    kjs421 URNUTS
    Can't believe nobody responded about the expo in NJ
  4. Gary
    Gary Joe
    Hi Joe
    I really want to get a nice cracker crust going. I noticed you said you ferment in bulk with low hydration....Do you mind sharing your hydration%. Also how much yeast do you use and is it fresh yeast or idy?..I want that yeasty taste and smell. Any suggestions would be great. BTW I use a woodstone oven at the time and want to consider a conveyor because easier to train with.
    URNUTS December
    Hey Jamie

    It's Jon.... from Milford. Used to have the Domino's there. How have you been? Working on a place in Concord.
  6. John Knight
    John Knight George Mills
    Hello George,

    I am working with Tom Lehman on a new pizza operation. I would like to discuss this project with you for kitchen layout and more. My email address is

    I hope to hear from you!


  7. Tony Pepperoni
    Tony Pepperoni
    Pizza phone-is it worth it? Any other systems similar you guys like better?
  8. Brian Wallace
    Brian Wallace
    We have a Garland Stainless Steel Triple Stack Stone Deck Pizza Oven & a Manual Pizza Doug Press available through
  9. Daria
    Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.
  10. Laura Michelle
    Laura Michelle RobT
    Hi I came across your post on a thread about ending a cintas contract and was wondering if you could share the letter you used to send them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Gina C
      Gina C
      Rob T, I would like a sample letter for downsizing my uniform inventory as well.. I am trying to get out of our contract as well.. Thank you
      Aug 22, 2017
  11. Decarosalton
    Need information on Vulcan double deck pizza oven
  12. Roy R.
    Roy R. indie pizza
    Saw your walk the hood comment, I've done door hanging and haven't gotten boost I expected , would you share some tips, thanks
    1. Cliff Story
      Cliff Story
      I can help. I have 25+ years in the restaurant business and now providing mobile marketing services for small businesses. People are obsessed with their cellphones, can you think of a better way to communicate with your target audience? Our plans are fully-managed, no contract, month-to-month, $195/mo. Want to know more? MobiBlue 888-399-0838
      Jul 24, 2017
  13. December
    Ennit blud
  14. SystemsThatWork
    SystemsThatWork Graham
    HI Graham, send me an email and I can get some pricing together for you on the POS systems we create. My email is:
  15. Steve
    Steve pizzapiratespp
    What kind of product do you use for your Raspberry drizzle on your dessert sticks? I'm wondering if its like a Torani or Ghirardelli sauce?
    1. pizzapiratespp
      Sorry for the delay on this. I don't get these messages.

      Yes its like the Ghiradelli sauce. Our brand is Smuckers Plate scrapers
      Sep 14, 2017
  16. Shannon Panaro
    Shannon Panaro
    Want free text marketing for life? We are the only company offering this program! Text free4life to 51660 to learn more!
  17. Shannon Panaro
  18. Gary Beaver
    Gary Beaver
    We install Hoods, Pizza Oven, Fire Suppression. Licensed in NC, SC, GA, we Install Dominos, Little Caesars
  19. Gary Beaver
    Gary Beaver
    Standard Fire Protection Inc, we are a complete hood, Pizza oven and fire suppression installation company.
  20. BostonPie
    BostonPie December
    HI, My name is Jim from Rocco's Italian Pizzeria. Who do you use for your vendor for fresh dough?