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Discussion in 'The Think Tank' started by franko9752, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. franko9752

    franko9752 New Member

    For N.Y. style pizza hand tossed and cooked on a deck using All Trumps high gluten flour, which is the better choice, Bleached and bromated or unbleached and unbromated??? Is there that much difference? The price is the same....Thanks.
  2. qcfmike

    qcfmike New Member

    Oh comes the bromated thing again! I used the #50143 that Tom recommended and had good success. Bromated flours are at the center of a worldwide discussion and is probably going to be banned in the US as it has been elsewhere. I would say use the non and run with it!
  3. Tom Lehmann

    Tom Lehmann Active Member

    I totally agree, If I had my druthers, I'd druther use the un/non-bromated version, but if my local supplier didn't carry it, I'd have no real issues using the bromated version. It'll buy you some time to lean on your supplier to get you the non-bromated version or find a supplier who can/will.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
  4. sam

    sam New Member

    Do you have to change your recipe any if you use unbromated?
  5. Tom Lehmann

    Tom Lehmann Active Member

    No, the two perform almost identically. The bromate MAY contribute slightly to a little more dough memory (snap-back) than a non-bromated flour in SOME circumstances, but for most of us, you will never see the difference. The reason for the bromate in the first place is to improve the baking performance of the flour when used by the bread baker. In most pizza applications you would be hard pressed to see any difference between bromated and non-bromated versions of the same flour. My take is if it doesn't help, why add it, and besides, the health concerns over bromated flour are also a consideration in asking for a non-bromated flour.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
  6. peacenloaf

    peacenloaf New Member

    If you really care about the health of your customers, the way to go is unbleached UNBROMATED.
  7. franko9752

    franko9752 New Member

    Looks like unbleached unbromated for me! Glad AllTrumps has it...Thanks all.
  8. AFS

    AFS New Member

    We've recently made the switch to unbromated/unbleached and our supplier brought it in the warehouse for us. We had to make a few adjustments to the recipe and also mix about 35% longer but it's ok.

    Personally I did this as much for the staff as for the customers. I know when I work the oven (not often anymore) I usually go home covered in flour, in my pockets, etc. I figure we all breath in a lot of it through the air and it's probably not good for the staff.
    Also, I figured we'd be all set for the future if the gov. decides to ban the bromate.
  9. brad randall

    brad randall Member

    We use Bouncer and our supplier finally got their unbleached, unbromated variety in stock. Of course, it costs $1 more per bag... *sigh*.

    Anyways, we ordered some to experiment with and should have it on Friday's truck. I can't wait to see how our dough turns out using it!
  10. franko9752

    franko9752 New Member

    Let us know your findings on this. I too just ordered 100lbs of Alltrumps unbleached/ unbromated and anxious to see how it is.

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