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    First of all, welcome to the Tank. I see this is your first post.

    If there are active advertisers you will never hit the top 3 unless you pay. Paid search appears above organic search. At least 75% of your customers who find you via search are using a mobile device and the organic results are not even on the first screen.

    So yes, biggest bang is to be top 3 (even the 3rd listing is often not on the first screen of a mobile device) but the way you get there is paid search. I suggest that you shoot for #1 or #2. Average position results of 1.5 or better mean you are getting there.

    With respect to wrong numbers, that likely has to do with what search terms you are using. If you are attracting a customer that is looking specifically for another business then you are likely to have that. For example if you use a competitors name as an adword. (yes that can be done).
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