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    I am looking into buying a new mixer and am leaning towards picking up a spiral mixer. There have been a few threads on here about them in the past but they never seem to be super clear on what mixers are viable. I have gleaned that a 2 speed mixer is the minimum requirement but beyond that I am unsure what to look for. We make our dough with 25 lb bags of flours and about 15 lbs of water, so right around 41 to 42 lbs total dough weight with all ingredients. Can anybody offer some suggestions and even better some links of appropriate mixers for sale?
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    PM me or contact me at <thedoughdoctor@hotmail.com> and I'll be glad to discuss this for you. Additionally, I believe I wrote an article which addressed spiral mixers for PMQ, you might be able to find it in the archives.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
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    LBC KM80P I believe is the model we bought. Love it so far. Just bought another for the other location. Minimum flour mixing is 25lbs. Maximum is 100lbs of flour. We got ours through Culinary Depot. Just be prepared for a lengthy wait. First one was 4-6 weeks. This time we're waiting 8-10 weeks.

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