A little piece of software called Point Of Success...

I LOVE it.

It’s been almost two years since I first exchanged a couple of PM’s with Mr. Ward regarding the system. I had the full intent of switching my store over. Unfortunately, it always got put on the back burner and I never made the change.

I played around with the demo a lot over the past two years, and with my new store opening shortly I finally purchased the software and set up a system. It’s a six terminal system and the total cost of all hardware and software was around $6,000. Where else could you build a six station system for that price? What do you think think the “other guys” would have cost? I’ve seen prices in the $15,000 range for a 3 station system!

Yes, I had to do a lot of the work myself. Programming the entire menu seemed like a daunting task for a full service, full menu restaurant, but it was easy. I flew through it once I got the hang of it. I’d say I spent a grand total of 10 hours on it, and probably half of that was making cosmetic changes because I’m OCD (I’ll be darned if every button wasn’t going to be the pefect color and have perfect alingment down to the pixel.)

Networking scares a lot of people, but that’s pretty simple too (although I’ve had a lot of experience.) The biggest hurdle was trying to learn Vista.

I had a problem with a used printer I bought - Mr. Ward helped at their forum even though it had nothing to do with their software. I had problems downloading the software and was under a time crunch to get it registered before the weekend - no problem, Jeff Crandall found an alternative way to get it to me. Kathy is extremely helpful and patient - even when I had problems registering due to my own stupidity. I had a problem moving my menu from the demo so I called in. An off-site tech called me back in 5 minutes and the problem was fixed with a couple of mouse clicks.

There are some bells and whistles missing of course. I remember visiting one POS company at the Expo and he spent 10 minutes telling me all about how the system would send me a text message every time somebody voided an order. Point Of Success doesn’t have that one, but I still haven’t figured out why anybody would want it anyway.

They also don’t have onsite training. Another POS vendor I considered had a mandatory five day training period. I had the privilege of being forced to pay all travel and lodging expeses for somebody to spend five full days at my restaurant. Like me or my employees don’t have anything better to do with our time. If it takes that much time to learn a system, well, it might be a little too complicated. It takes me about 20 minutes to “train” someone on how to take an order with Point Of Success.

Along those same lines, the Super Button rocks.

The only major missing piece - online ordering - is in beta testing and appears to be coming soon.

The owner of the company posts regularly on PMQ, and on more than one occassion has posted his telephone number and extension. How’s that for service? How many other POS company owners post on here? He also helps out with all kinds of non-POS related stuff. The only posts I’ve seen from other POS representatives have been sales pitches (Edit: Sorry I forgot, but Jennifer from SL makes non-POS help posts too)

They have a forum that is open to the public; not just customers. That should give you an idea of how confident they are in their software. Even though they charge for custom reports and have a financial interest in creating them, they put up a forum where users can trade them or get help creating their own. How cool is that? They even help people create or modify their own on the forum.

Sorry for the long post, but I think Mr. Ward and his company deserve some recognition for the product they’ve created and how they service it. I hope anybody considering a POS system will give Point Of Success a good, long look. And if you’re afraid of not having a “turnkey” system, well you can always fly me out to set it up for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff and crew!

I totally agree Piper. even though my tech support has expired Jeff and his crew have come to the rescue when needed. (Which has not been often because the product is very stable)

Add me to the laudettes…and I’m not even up and running yet. We purchased the POS well ahead of an opening to get our menu built in and familiar so day one we can be on our feet.

Jeff Ward has been exceptionally helpful in quickly answering my couple of PM’s I sent with what were probably just newbie questions. I agree that Kathy at HQ is one of the more professional and courteous customer service folks I’ve run across.

I found that although I was making “progress” in building our menu into the system, I didn’t have the consecutive sit-down time to devote to it. I handed off the build to one of my sons who watched PART of the training CD and then took off. He was done in 3 hours with just minor tweaking to complete once we establish our prices!

Now…if getting real estate bought was just as simple!

I met these guys at the Pizza show in New York a few years ago and they were very pleasant to deal with. They didn’t hassle me to buy their software. I didn’t purchase from them because they didn’t have the features i was looking for.

Anyways, real classy company to deal with…

It’s a six terminal system and the total cost of all hardware and software was around $6,000. Where else could you build a six station system for that price?

Its called FREEPOS by Positive Feedback Software. I set up a 5 terminal system with 2 in reserve for less than $2500 (yep, complete, hardware, software, 5x printers, 4x cash drawers, 5x backup UPS, callerID, 5x touchscreens, 5x CC scanners & server). While not a ‘pure’ pizza POS, it can easily handle a 7 figure delivery/carryout/dine-in pizza business. Since I’m also a certified installer, 24/7 support isn’t much of an issue, and if it were, Todd at Positive Feedback Software is always available.

I’m not saying Jeff doesn’t have a kickn system, just that there are others that will do the job (depending on your technical background) for much less. And for what its worth, if your business is doing less than 400K/yr and you can’t afford the ‘big’ expensive POS’s - FREEPOS just might work for you. Its certainly worth investigating.

Pizza2007 been looking at the website is it really only $100 per terminal or do they charge for the add ons when you goto register software? Looks really good almost to good for that price?

Yes, only $99 per license. Of course, there’s a free demo you can download and become familiar with, but the license covers all options not enabled in the demo. It runs on practically anything and compared to paper & pen, its well worth the license cost. It is really good! Works very well for me, there’s no way my business could grow and handle the volume without it.

So when these programs run CC’s - do they run it through the internet or phone? How does that work?

I have a WAN connection (DSL), so CC tickets take about 1-2secs to process. I also have a ‘fall-back’ dialer, so if the WAN is down, it uses a phone line to dial-up the processor. *Note: dial-up charges ARE MORE EXPENSIVE - PERIOD! It doesn’t matter who your processor is, they charge more for dial-up transactions.

Im with you piper Great system…Jeff and the crew are outstanding to work with.
wish I would have bought this system first instead of getting ripped off with a sams 4000 from mohawk valley cashregister.