ada work tables

Hi. I’m looking for a website and or info on getting an ADA approved work table for the kitchen. Does anyone know of a site Thanks.

Hi Califpizza.

This is a new one. Up to now we have not run into this as a regulation.

I can only assume that an ADA table is shorter than standard.
Are you being asked to make all work tables in your shop ADA approved?

George Mills

No, we are required to have one workstation that is ADA complient - along with the bathroom and doors. We were told that the table is stationary but the top and shelf moves up and down. I’m not having any luck finding it. I can find ADA refridgeration, but no tables. I guess California is more stringent than other places. Go figure!

Do a search for “ADA tables” on Google and 100s of pages come up…

im so glad we left ca. cant imagine what it would cost to duplicate what i did here back in ca. good luck