Adding a service charge for customers using credit cards

I agree that offering a cash discount is much more customer friendly that assessing a surcharge for credit card use, it’s all about the mental framing! Maybe this is just a Midwest thing but there are several pizzerias in neighboring towns that only accept cash and have an ATM located in the building and they do great business. I think they get away with it because they’ve been around for 50 years though and their excuse when people ask is “that’s the way its always been”.

Kinda off topic a bit but wonder if anyone on the TT has accepted credit cards at one point and then decided to do cash only? Would love to hear their experience.

thanx for all the feedback. As I expected the negative feedback would not be worth the extra $$ Just glad im so freakin busy!!

For our first year we did not accept any plastic, just cash & checks (local checks only, with DL & PH#) But we lost a ton of sales due to not accepting cards.
Only had one check come back, and it was a local biz check that took us 6 weeks to collect on, the threat of law enforcement action is what got them to finally settle up.

My insurance agent stated my rates increase a very significant amount if I had one , being in a rural unincorporated area only serviced by the Sheriffs department, Response time on a burglar alarm can be 45 minutes or more. But our fire departments have never lost a a buildings foundation to a fire, ever…

Yup. I think the best option is just to build the fee into the menu pricing. I used averages, but looking back, I probably should’ve just added the straight up fee across the board, then any that pay with cash would just be “bonus”.

I think Bodegahwy’s crystal ball is on the money…