Adding Water to Pizza Sauce

For years our pizza sauce has been Saporito heavy pizza sauce, spices, and water. I used Full Red in the past instead of Saporito but Saporito is more cost effective.
Anyway on the Stanislaus website it recommends replacing the water in your sauce recipe with a ground tomato product like 7/11, tomato magic, 74•40 etc. does anyone do this?
Ive noticed my pizza sauce has a more dry pastey appearance since ive switched to a conveyor and I want to try getting a slightly more bright pizza sauce

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we use water with Saporito…a litlle trick is get a high powered Dewalt drill with a long shaft compounding attachment to mix well. We were going through ladles & restaurant handheld mixers like crazy and this works so much better!


That exactly what I use. I was asking if anyone uses a ground tomato product inplace of the water like the Stanislaus website says

When I make my sauce I use 2 cans of 7/11 and 4 cans of Full read. My sauce is quite thick by design. If I wanted a thinner sauce I would go with 3 of each.

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My old recipe was

1 can saporito
2 cans tomato magic
1 can water
and the usual spices
It tasted ok

Then I called stauslaus and I forget the guys name (he is on the forum) He told to me drop the water and use TM or 7/11. I found it to be too thick. he also told me 7/11 is better than TM. I did a taste test on TM vs 7/11 and 7/11 is way better.
my new recipe is

1 can saporito
1/2 can water
3 cans 7/11
and spices 2oz container of salt, oregano, garlic, and 4oz container of pepper.

It was very good. But then I switched to fully prepared full red recently, to save time and work, I like its best, its smooth and delicious. plus I can open a can at a time to get room temp sauce. I think that helps with soggyness. It cost more though. But I think it saved me 1 hour a week in labour.

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He also sent me a can of “super dolce”. It was not as thick as Saporito. So I used it like he told me “no water” and 2 cans of 7/11. I think that was the best sauce I ever tasted, anywhere. it cost more though, plus US would have to special order.

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One last thing. I remember when I switched from deck to conveyor I had an ugly pizza. Then a old friend came by(a PJ’s GM) and told me I needed to “fix my edge lock”, in other words get the cheese all the way to the crust. The hot air is blowing down on the pizza now, and it was’nt with the deck. Also 7/11 is brighter than TM.

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My recipe is:
4 cans Saporito
5 cans of water (really just fill to a certain point on a 10 gallon BRUTE bucket)
3lbs of spices, sugar, and salt

I want to try replacing a can of water with a can of 7/11 to see if its a superior sauce

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Sparrow you are so helpful thank you!

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I use straight 7/11 no water at all.

I thought about just doing straight out of the can 7/11. Its just that good.

What’s edge lock and how does it effect the pizza cooking?

At PJ’s its where they get the cheese all the way out on the crust, then lift crust and put cheese back to just sauce. This does 2 things, It hides the sauce from hot jets of the oven, makeing it look dry and pasty and blowing it out father on the crust. 2nd it leaves cheese near the crust to melt locking the cheese to the crust. That way when you take a bite you don’t pull the cheese off.

Nice. Thanks! (Post must be 20 characters)

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you use straight out of the can 7/11. nothing added.

we use 3 saporito, 3 tomato magic, 3 cans of water + spices + 2 cups evoo

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I add ingredients I just don’t add any water

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I changed the sauce recipe after i read this.
We use to use only crushed tomato
But now we started pomodore thats thick tomato pizza sauce.
And add spices and crushed tomato
Its very good

Can you say what you add?

Ive been using Super Dolce for the past few weeks.
I dig it.
Its thicker than Full Red, less cooked than Saporito. It has a bright red color looks good on the pizza