Adding Water to Pizza Sauce

Parm, oregano, basil, garlic

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What do you use for side sauce cups. Just you pizza sauce, or a marinara?

Normal pizza sauce.

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Me too. I looked up on the internet the other day “whats the difference between pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce” and it said pizza sauce is not cooked and spaghetti sauce is cooked.

so I got to thinking maybe for my side cups I should by some marinara. I bought the Stanislaus brand marinara. I did’nt think it was good at all.
I am going to try a can of Al dente next.

I am just thinking the flavors of the garlic powder, black pepper, and oregano are not very noticeable until they are cooked on a pizza

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Al dente is an excellent product.

We make our pasta sauce like this:
2 cans Saporito
2 full cans of water
5 2oz soufflé of sugar
1 2oz soufflé of salt
2 2oz soufflés of oregano
A little dried basil, black pepper.
3 handfuls Grande romano
Mix well
Than add 1 can Al Dente pasta sauce and gently stir it in so you dont break up the tomato chunks

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Damn I bet thats good. I get a case of al dente tomorrow,

we use marinara (cooked) as opposed to pizza sauce (cold)

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I’ve been using Al Dente for dipping sauce for 15+ years. My customers love it.

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