All trumps flour

i just got my first bag of all trumps flour in today and was wondering what all of you set your hydration at?
this is some good looking flour.

I use 14+ qts of ice H20 & 6 C. of oil

I’d start at 60% water, every 1% of oil, subtract 1% of water, every 1% of additional dry ingredient, like sugar, add 1% of water, adjust accordingly (learned most of this from Tom Lehmann, the Dough Doctor)

hey patriot,what type of oven do you use?

I’m the odd guy - use a CTX (2 dbl stacks, 4 conveyors) - I believe 14Qts = 27 or 28#

for what it’s worth, I prefer Harvest King from General Mills
about 12% protein, as opposed to All Trumps at over 14%
I think it is better after the pizza cools, ie, the next day, delivers better, not as hard and chewy like the highr protein flours,
my preference,

All depends on what kind of crust you are looking for…