Anyone have an extra receipt printer?

Does anyone have an extra (working) reciept printer sitting around that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price. Please PM me if you do. Thanks

Thermal? Star or Epson?

Well Brad, if you’ve got a cache of them I’m looking for a couple as well…A thermal (preferrably an Epson (like a tm88IV) and some sort of printer for box labels (Zebra or Start TSP-800)…

Also, I have a TM-u220 serial version that I cannot get to work. I bought an off the shelf null modem and I get nothing out of the printer. Does anyone know if there is a particular pinout null modem I need for this bad boy? Otherwise, it just makes a good doorstop…

I have a star tsp800 with a couple boxes of labels I would be willing to part with for a fair price. PM me and let me know if your interested.


Thanks for the replies…I picked up a bixolon from a friend this afternoon.

You have the right cable. Be sure that the printer and computer are working at the same speed. The printer normally communicates at 9600 baud (bits per second) but the driver installs at 19,200 or more. You can see the printer speed by turning on the power while holding down the Feed button. The speed is set in the driver when it is installed. You also need to be sure the correct COM: (serial communication) port is selected in the driver.

How long is it going to take for this 30 year old technology to go away? :wink:

Here here!

Jeff, maybe you remember my posts at your site when I was installing POS but I had a major problem getting a couple of serial printers to work. I finally broke down and spent $60 per printer to change the interface cards to USB and they’ve worked like a charm ever since.

Not sure if you knew pcuezze, but you can purchase and swap out your serial interface card and turn your printer into Ethernet or USB.

Pizzasource - you have mail.

Piper, I actually considered that. But, because I can’t confirm the printer even works, I’m reluctant to drop $60.00 on it…

que sera eh?

I can’t confirm the printer even works

A self-test print will tell you that. Turn off the printer, turn on the power while holding the feed button, release the feed button. The self-test page will print.