Anyone here have their pizza in a C store?i.e. slices

I may have the opportunity to have my slices sold at the only store that is open in our area 24 hrs.I think this would be a HUGE deal to land.I would guess I would have to buy them a slice display cabinets. Are there any health codes rules that would apply to thing?I know they sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts there.
Also how does the $$$ part work out.Do I set the time limit for the pies to be left in there and then discarded?

The biggest problem I see with this is lack of quality control. If I go there and get one of your slices and it’s old and bad, I sure won’t ever order from your restaurant. I’d almost want them to order the pizzas and deliver them and let them use their own packaging. You’re getting the sales without having your company name tied to the product (which is a double-edged sword to be sure).

We were in negotiations with a C-store to sell our pizza, but we pulled out of the deal. Besides the display cabinets you have to consider the way in which the pizza will be heated up. Most people who buy at a store like that are going to want to eat it then, so if they put it in a microwave the quality will diminish by becoming soggy or too hard. You could buy one of those crisping pans for the microwave but then you get into handling of the pizza by employees, germs and possible bacteria causing ill-effects. We decided to leave it to the big guys who have microbiologists who add tons of additives to preserve their yucky boxed product that usually only hang-over-hungry people buy. It wasn’t worth the work, BUT on all of our advertising we put that WE sell slices at the pizzeria.
Just my 2 cents…

I would be delivering them to them as needed.I will be open from 10 am until 1:30am during the week. So they will always be fresh.They won’t be cooking them there.I am about 2 mins from them so they call and 10 mins later I drive them down a pie. The few things I need to figure out are–

  1. How do I charge them for the pies?
  2. how long do you have them in the merch. for?

Check with your insurance company, You may need a rider to cover product liability for sales outside your shop.

Check with your health department.

Check with your Lawyer.

George Millls

Definite checkpoints. I would assert that I am selling my pies to the C-Store, and that what they do with them is their liability. It would be not unlike Hormel Selling their pepperoni . . . . if it was clean and in safe condition on delivery, then they escape the liability. It may be different in this situation, though.

Health Department will hopefully give good direction about their regs . . . or direct you to the state department of agriculture, who might have jurisdiction over that sort of thing. They’ll know.

IMO, being a C store owner. Don’t do it. I ahve tried it. Slices do not sell fast enough and have warmer life less than an hour. It will be your reputation old,stale,burned,bitter and ugly. Sitting in their warmer. It just does’t work.

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