Anyone know of a good white sauce?

Hola Amigos,

Wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction for a good white garlic sauce for some of my specialty pizzas. Im looking for one that I can use right out of the can or jar…no laughing…:slight_smile:


I use ranch salad dressing for some of my pizzas. You could change the flavor by adding you own spices. It works great for me.

Some here have reported good results with a Knorr brand alfredo sauce mix. Might be worth looking into. Land O’ Lakes has a frozen sauce that is pretty tastey . . . but the 5# per bag was too much for me at one time.

I use a bechamella with parmesan and garlic. A fancy white sauce with a roux, butter, milk, ceeam. Finish with parm and garlic. chill and reheat to service, or hold hot in a steam table.

I use ranch dresssing mixed with crushed garlic, people love it.

I tried a Beano sauce from one of the food shows that was good but we make our own


nope…you would be suprised how many Famous Pizzas are in the Northeast with guys named George

We use chopped garlic combined with olive oil. “White sauce” pies get riccotta along with mozz.

Ditto the Knorr Swiss powdered mix…my fav Alfredo is from Minor’s - a base that you add 1/2 & 1/2

We have an alfredo pizza. We use Stauffers premixed alfredo, available from Sysco. It is pricey @ around .50 a 12" but is a great product and totally hassle free.

Thanks all so much for your replies…Im learning…Its nice to read the forum and see some people in the biz have good hearts and great senses of humor! Thanks again.

TOMA, Here you will find one in a million with respect to Pizzeria Owners and Managers. Don’t slight yourself. This is a team of a very rare breed with respect to the companies you are familiar with.


If you research the archive, Nick has a fantastic base.

I used a heavy cream, butter, parm, fresh diced garlic and cooked it slowly for 20 minutes strirring frequently, allowing the setting and then the cooling process. (White pepper)


We use a garlic butter with crushed garlic, oregano, parsley, and a few other minor ingredients.

lol I’d be happy to bottle it up for you :slight_smile: