anyone use full olive oil for dough

I am opening a small pizza delivery/pick up shop in a couple of months. Sparrow’s Pizza. I want to have the best possible pizza. I am using an old double deck Blodgett 960p. I will be using Pizzaiolo for the sauce. All trumps flour General Mills. Grande whole milk mozzarella. Iodine free salt. regular sugar. filtered water. Inactive dry yeast.
I am undecided about the oil. I have said for 6 months now that I will be using full olive oil(not extra virgin). But my sauce guy, who also sells oil, says full olive oil would taste too rich. Plus the high cost. I have also found out, by eating at most every pizza shop in Richmond, and asking them do they use olive oil in their dough. And not one said they did. What do you guys think of olive oil in the dough?

When I started I used 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil in 50lbs of dough and found it to be just a bit much. I now use 1 cup extra virgin olive oil and 1 cup canola oil. For me it is a good balance.

Hey Daddio. My oil rep said most shops use the 10\90 blend or just plain soybean oil. He does have a product called 51-49… 51% EVOO\49% canola blend that he said to use for finished products like salad dressing. But I am considering using that for my dough. I was also curious about what it might taste like if I used 1 cup olive oil and 1 cup liquid butter. Thanks for the reply.

Try using LaPedalla from Corto olive oil. It is made by the Stanilaus tomato guys. It’s a mix of EVOO,canola, rice bran, and grapeseed oils. We been using it with great results.

Great pizza dough happens in fermentation ! develop the right cultures and abandon the yeast, You will have a signature product that is at best difficult to find anywhere else and addictive to say the least !

Hey Jollypizza the LaPedalla is the 10% olive oil my oil guy was telling me I should use, he sells the Corto line too. My lack of experience is just thinking the most expensive stuff has got to be the best. Thats why I kept thinking I must use full olive oil. I ran the numbers, and it is only 2.4 cents a medium pizza for full olive oil and 1.2 for LaPedalla, so I don’t think it has to come to cost. I cant wait to try both.

Hey paul I saw that video from John Arena were he said to not to use any sugar or hot water to exelerate the fermentation process. I never even thought you could make pizza dough without yeast. That must take even longer. You would have to have alot of patience for that and be really good at planning. The best pizza in my town is Bottoms Up Pizza, they make sourdough that requires five days to proof. I am not going to have a walk-in to start out with, so I am going to start with the dough Tom Lehmann has spoke of. Since it is ready in 24 hours.

100% 14% gluten flour
60% water
2% sugar
1.75% salt
2% oil
.375% IDY

I would love to sample some of that zero yeast pizza though, Thanks Paul.

I never use EVOO in the dough, instead I use pomace oil instead, it has a more robust flavor profile that works great in the dough, if you want to use EVOO try it as a post bake application where the aroma will be released on the hot pizza.
Inactive dry yeast? Don’t you mean Instant Dry Yeast? :slight_smile: Be careful what you ask for when buying it as both are available and there is a BIG difference between them.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hey Tom thanks for replying in my thread. I have seen all your videos and read the “dough survival guide” Thanks for the tip on the yeast, that could have caused some problems. Pomace oil huh, I dont even know what a pomace is, But I will find out and I will definetly make some dough with it to see what I think.
I am going to try putting some EVOO on the crust after it comes out of the oven and see how I like it, and if it is food and labor cost effective. Thanks for the tip man.

Ditched oil altogether awhile back for butter, waaaaaaay better!

hey Joe Wow just butter, how could that not be great. I have thought about 1 cup olive oil and i cup of butter. Do you use liquid butter, or soften the butter, or just throw it in by the stick?
I saw your website and your pizza looks great. I like how the crust comes out unusually high on the sides, that looks cool.

One of the three “Bs” (butter, bacon, beer) is better than not using one of then at all! :slight_smile:
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The 3 major food groups. :slight_smile:

Liquid my man and run it thru the conveyor once covered so it mixes better. No oil needed!

Thanks Joe, I cant wait to try it.

Second for Corto La Padella. We switched from vegetable oil about 2 years ago

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Thanks Steve. Thats 3 votes for La pedlla. You Jollypizza and my oil guy. I wonder what the benefit of rice bran is. Maybe La padella is Cortos idea of pomace oil.

I’ve been happy with La Padella but just for fun I’m gonna try the butter way too and see how it turns out. La Padella is great, but it is pricy

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I would sure be interested to hear how that works out for you.

Agreed, looking forward to hearing back about how butter works for you guys. Please post when you can and good luck. I liked La Padella too and Steve’s right it’s a bit up there in $$$

I will definitely let you know. The hood guy just came by today and gave me an estimate($6000). So I should be burning some pizzas in about a month. Hope to hear about Steves results soon.