Anyone use Singleplatform from Constant Contact?

About 8 weeks ago I received a phone call from a representative from singleplatform saying she noticed that we qualify for their service:

5yrs or more of operation
Good customer feedback online
She asked if I thought we could handle a 10%-20% increase in sales.

I thought this was an interesting sales pitch so I listened to what she had to offer and it turns out that she was offering something I was looking for. They update and publish my menu and make changes to the menu for me. All search engines, review sites, and my own website are updated by them any time I make a price or item change. This service was just what I wanted and I jumped at it right away. Within a month my menu was published on about 2o sites.
She said that by having a menu published on all these sites it would drive more customers to my business. I just thought it would be nice to have someone do the work for me. So far the result has been an increase in sales over last September and August. August was our best August ever (54 years) and now September weekly sales are up from an average of $17,800 (2012) to $19,600 this year. We have had some nice weather the last 6 weeks and I think it is either the weather or singleplatform or both.
I am surprised by the results . Has anyone else used singleplatform? If so, have you noticed the same increase or am I jumping the gun on this?

We use them. I can not support the claim of increased business that they are making. It is a good thing and it ties into facebook. I am pretty sure (but only pretty sure) it is worth $500 but if it actually increased sales by 10% it would be worth a lot more than that!

I disagee with this company’s skumbag approach to business. It seems to go like this.
We will publish your menu WITHOUT your permission on many of the most popular websites on the internet.
This menu could be completely inaccurate. It could have dozens of mistakes. It could be someone elses menu altogether or a menu from 10 years ago. They then cover their butts with the following discalimer.

Disclaimer: Always check with the business for pricing and availability of menu items. SinglePlatform is not responsible for menu or pricing changes, but the information is believed to be accurate when posted. Listing of a menu does not mean that there is any affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship between SinglePlatform and the listed business.

Never mind that your pissed off customers may call up and want a pizza for half of the price that you sell it for because they went to yahoo and pulled up your menu. Only it wasn’t your menu. It was a BS menu that single platform put up there with your NAME on it.
Here is the kicker. If you want to fix or replace or correct or remove the incorrect menu, that they had no right to publish to begin with, they will EXTORT a fee out of you to do so. Is this the kind of company you want to do business with? I can think of thousands of better companies to support with my dollars.

That is NOT how it works. It is set up very well…you simple log into your singleplatform account and make the change there and it goes out to all websites including your own. Where did you hear these tactics from or are you just playing devils advocate?

I am thinking that our increase in business is just a coincidence that it happens to be at the same time as when we signed on to this service. Only time will tell.

Yes, if you pay them, you can go in and make changes. How much did you have to pay to do this? We have never paid them or signed up with them, yet they have posted “their” versions of our menu on numerous search engines. These incorrect menus have pissed off quite a few customers.

I manage the web site for a Pizza co and we are experiencing this very same thing from Singleplatform.

I have read countless reviews on the Better Business Bureau and other sites from restaurants that are experiencing the same difficulty who have never signed up with single platform. If they were interested in good customer service they would not post anything on a business that has not been approved by the business owner that has not signed up.

I used them a while back and cancelled after the first year, they initially wanted 150 a month and i got them down to 30 a month which i thought was a steal for what they pitched, 10-15% increase. I did like that I could update my menu on the fly on all different site, but I did not get a 10-15% increase like they pitched (which I never even thought was legit to begin with, I got it just for the menu update)

I used them for a while after posting this. It was $49 a month. I stopped using them because I saw no benefit from it.

did anyone figure out how to get them to stop putting up a bogus menu?this is also an issue for us

We are experiencing something similar with, which seems to be a popular search engine with iphones. They have our “menu” on their site and its about 3 years old! Not quite sure how to contact them either. Frustrating…

My secretary (who does not get messages wrong) handed me a phone message that Trip Advisor wanted to interview the Owner and GM of one of our restaurants for a “featured position” on their platform. After two missed phone appointments, we finally connected. Within the first 20-seconds of the conference call, I leaned over to my GM and mouthed the words, “We’re being pitched.” Regardless of what they think an “interview” is or isn’t, it wasn’t an interview, it was a sales pitch. I’m in sales. We can smell a pitch. I’m only sad I didn’t catch it in 19-seconds.

I tried three times to stop our “interviewer,” Dylan, in his diatribe. When he finally stopped talking, he skirted my accusation that this call was made under false pretenses (throwing his colleague, Tiesha, under the bus, offering, “Well, I’m not sure what my assistant told you, but…”), and tried to get credit card info from my GM after I had to step out for another meeting.

We will not be purchasing any “menus” from SinglePlatform. Our own reputation, product quality and exceptional customer service speak for themselves on all the apps they broker for—something SinglePlatform could stand to learn.

What we have done is to take a look at Apple Maps (Read Siri) and edited our Yelp, Urbanspoon, foursquare & Google entries to get things corrected,
Apple Maps uses info mostly from Yelp (not a fan, but playing the game to boost sales without paying them for advertising) It took about 1 week and we saw notable traffic increase to our website and facebook rankings. The most difficult part was getting google to recrawl my site, I use yahoo hosting and their sitebuilder tools. I finally found a way to get html code submitted to google through the google online dashboard.

I know many do not like Yelp, but apple relies on them for correct info

Thank you for mentioning this. I am having yelp (single platform) update my menu now. We have customers browse our menu from their iphone ( with very outdated info. Hopefully singleplatform will update and then apple will actually pull the changes over so that stops!

got your facts from?

Does anyone have a solution to getting passed the SinglePlatform issue?

I tried going through Yelp to request pricing changes, but because we have more than one location we apparently must use SinglePlatform’s service. I’ve thought about removing our menu from SinglePlatform completely, but I’m not sure if there are any unforeseen consequences. Our Google Menu appears to use the pricing information from SinglePlatform as well and I’m afraid removing our pricing from SinglePlatform might interfere with customers searching on Google.

I am dealing with this now.

Losing customers over this.

Your problem is not with Single Platform, it is with Word Press. SP must run a script on your website every time it starts. I saw no such script on your site. Tell your IT guy to find a plugin for SP on word press and make sure it works. SP will then optimize SEO with regards to you. SP is working on your site now as there are no menus posted because you stopped payment. It is therefore working as they have the authority to do so. SP main job is SEO on searches for you, and you never used it.
For more info facebook me. Do your homework.

Why would you bring up a post that is over two years old? Obviously the people posting have moved on. I would hope they stopped paying for something that didn’t work for them.

What a bizarre comment responding to a two year old posting! (Not to mention an interesting way to introduce yourself with your first post on this forum). Since you appear to be a representative of the company I will respond to you. Time frame aside, I never mentioned any “problem” in my original post. I stated that I thought I was “pretty sure” it was worth $500 and it was " a good thing" even though I could not substantiate the growth claim.

And now for the rest of the story: Yes, I stopped payment. I stated in writing when I signed up and confirmed by email in later communication that any renewal of the agreement must be confirmed by me in each instance but the company went ahead with an auto-renewal and charged my card without contacting me. This was a basic breach of the agreement we had. I am not fond of that kind of thing. It was difficult to reach a person and to get anything done about it so, after several attempts, I contacted my card issuer and contested the charge. At that point the charge was reversed and, I thought, all connection between our companies severed.

I am surprised to hear that you state it is working on my site. (You mean Facebook page?) They certainly do NOT have authority to operate ANYTHING with respect to my business at this point.

I do not appreciate your approach to communication. I have no wish to “do my homework” with respect to your company. I am simply a business owner that purchased your service for one year and decided not to renew.

You invite me to “Facebook” you. I would suggest that we communicate by PM on this site instead. I have sent you a message. I look forward to your response.

I plan to keep our community here informed about how this communication proceeds. Once you spend some time here, you will find that we are group of shop owners from around the world with an active and helpful approach to assisting each other in solving problems and sharing ideas. I am one of the more active members.