anyone using a scale o matic for dough dividing

Ive been looking at a dough divider or a scale o matic s300 for doing our dough balls does anyone use these?

The scale o matic would be my prefrence but they are more money, We make about 350-400 peices of dough a day and its very time consuming and not so much fun when you have to do it day in and day out

Just looking to see what people think about these machines

At a previous employer, we bought a Univex divider/rounder. It was far from perfect, but well worth it. The rounder has since gone bad, but the divider carries on. 400-500 a day was the low end, upwards toward 1100-1200 for Fridays/Saturdays. It doesn’t really save any time, but it makes much better use of the time in terms of sheer repetitive motion. You still have to weigh the dough balls to be certain they are right. I still contend it was WELL worth it, and as I said, they are still using the divider. It was the rotary knife style, adjustable for a wide range of weight.

roundomatic was one of our best purchases ever over 10yrs ago and still going strong…the labor savings will pay for itself quickly…find used b/c besides a few minor things this thing lasts forever

Hi joker

The scaleomatic is over kill for most pizza shops.

With a production capacity of up to 2000 balls per hour.

You will spend more time cleaning the unit than you would making th dough balls by hand.

George Mills

I agree that it might be over kill, i was looking at the s250 atcually.

The slowest part of doing our dough its the cutting weighing and balling. I just figured that a machine that can cut and ball and portion a batch of dough in about a minute would save us huge on labor.

how long does this machine take to clean? i was looking at just a divider but you still have to ball them before sheeting them seems to not quite be as worth it as the one that does all three

And i really really really hate making dough, i dont mind making 1 batch of dough but 7-10 sucks

I use the R900T rounder at both of my stores and feel that the divider rounder is not necessary. We mix 100Lbs of flour at a time and someone good at it can cut, weigh and tray the rounded dough balls just as fast as the mixer can mix the next batch. It’s been a long time since I used an A and M divider but what I remember is the hoppers are pretty high and difficult to get your dough into and the cutting is not really accurate/consistent.

hi is round o’matic same as scale o’matic? We have around her but we need a divider also, is round o’matic that you’re referring to just the divider?could you give me some specifics as far as the model number and the price, that would be greatly help us. Thank you

no they are not the

no they are not the same…the round-o-matic just rounds the dough you scale and cut by hand (modelR9ooT) not sure what they go for now but I think it was approx $4k new way back when

the scale-o-matic takes the entire batch of dough and scales, cuts, & rounds

Thanks i have the R900T, what I need is a divider, any suggestion?

I have a Scale O Matic S301. We make 40 batches of 50# flour bags per make day. Worth every penny I spent 10 years ago.

But your volume is not very high. If you have a rounder, that is all you need as with that little amount of dough you can cut pretty fast but save your wrists by having the rounder in balling them up.

Is there dough hydration level where the machine does not work right? Our dough is 62% water and if memory serves me right it seems like the Scale O Matic guy told me that the dough couldn’t be above 60%

We had to scale back the temp so it is colder than normal just means it is ideal at 60 hours instead of 48

I know exactly what you’re talking about. We do have a rounder and we hate cutting and dividing by hand. I have not been able to find a divider anywhere online without the rounder. Were you able to find one or resolve the problem? Thanks

Love to find a rounder for 4k, I think I’ve seen them between 8-10k new. Hard to find used although the ones I’ve seen are around 5-6. Anyway, thanks for resurrecting this thread, it reminded me that I should seriously start to look for a roundomatic again.

just saw this
good luck

Thanks. I’ve never used the Somerset rounder… I know they’re about half the price of the roundomatic. Any opinions on the Somerset rounder from someone that might have used one? New they’re not that far off the ebay price.

somerset makes some good stuff & their customer service is great…

that’s a lot of dough but how many dough balls does 100 pounds yield for you?

100Lbs of flour yields 110 dough 104 16" dough balls for us.

Joker, did you ever buy a scalomatic? If so, how is it working for you?

nope dough guys are still doing it by hand, over 1000 balls on a busy day