Are Fridge Magnets worth the Price?

Hey all,
Was wondering how many of you hand out Fridge Magnets? And do you believe the cost of the magnets are worth it?

If so, other then your name and logo… what else do you put on the magnets? AND, how do you “hand” yours out?

I don’t like the idea of stapleing them to the delivery box or just putting 1 in the customers food bag.

And before any of you start telling me where to buy it from, i’m already looking at Taradels 3.5" x 2" magents because I’ve had such an excellent experience with them when getting my menu’s.

Thanks all!

They have truly been a life saver for us.

We have two locations in two different towns but the addresses are so confusing because the street at one location is the town of the other (blah blah) anyway we missed the phone books when we had opened a couple of years ago so that is what prompted our first order of magnets…ever since I can’t keep enough on hand. We just have them on our counter…occassionally hand them out with orders (drivers do it to try and earn bigger tips) and we send them out with our coloring contest winners to hang “their masterpiece” on the fridge. We send them to our new customers, business customers. It is nice to hand out at our local parade etc.
I use them for business cards.

Not really a big expense and the possibilities are endless. Maybe when you get home look at your on fridge…do you have magnets on them? There is your answer!


Although I have not ordered magents from taradel…I agree their menus are awesome! :lol:

I think it’s foolish not to use magnets. We put one out with every order and have for years. I like to change up the layout each time I order magnets and include in small print on the bottom “Redeem the magnet for…” and change the special with each order. I really don’t want the magnets redeemed unless the magnets are years old and special is outdated. Not to change your mind from Taradel as I generally like the company and their price for 1000 magets is acceptable but if you plan on ordering 5000 or 10000 then their price is way too high. 15 cents per piece is nearly double what royce will sell them for.

There are so many ways you can use fridge magnets. They can be collected and used for discounts after a certain number have been collected, you can print coupons on them and so much more. I have seen more different magnets than most of the posters here because I have collected them for one of my customers.

There is an article in PMQ magazine from October 2007 on page 40-41 here is the link.[/url] There is another in the September 2008 [url=]

I order my magnets at 10,000 at a time and send a magnet with every order. When I first decided to do magnets the thing that made me take the step was a magnet on my filing cabinet that I have had for over 15 years. Even though the business it is from is long gone I still have the magnet.

I get my magnets from Royce at and have been quite happy with his service and product. It helps that royce is a regular poster here on the Think Tank as well.

Yes we do have magnets and yes I think the cost of magnets are worth it. I only have my name logo and phone number on my magnet. I know some people do specials or bring in this magnet for xxxx off your next order etc, but I dont want them coming back to me I want them to stay on the fridge.

I am not sure why you wouldnt want to give on out with each order I think it is smart to do as so many people use them on their fridge to hold up pictures etc.

I wont tell you where to buy them but I will say make sure you get a good magnet if it doesnt hold up a picture it will get thrown away so make sure it is of good quality.

make sure you get a good magnet if it doesnt hold up a picture it will get thrown away so make sure it is of good quality

I would agree as I saw one of our stores get magnets that were so thin they could barely hold themselves up much less a menu.

In addition to this very good advice here are things you may also consider. I learned them from hunderds of magnets I got for the magnet project for one of my customers.

Here are some things that I have noticed about the hundreds of magnets that have been sent for Ricky.

  • Important things like name and phone number should be readable from five feet away (about the distance from counter to fridge)
  • Highly contrasting lettering and backgrounds show up best
  • Thicker magnets are better (they need to hold more than themselves)
  • Keep it simple (it is a magnet not a menu)
  • Custom shapes tend to catch your eye
  • Black print on full color is hard to read (white is much easier)

I use an oversize magnet - got 10K when I opened…we hit the campus apartments (w/metal doors) and let 'em fly…my largest complex is over 1200 units…got orders that very night from new customers…all orders get a magnet, even if they are a regular customer…

What size Patriot?

This is a great thread, I wish it would have emerged before we got our magnets. My sister organized our grand opening and just got magnets from a local shop (without really consulting me about it), and they were CRAP. Very thin, colors were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off. I can’t wait till I go through them and get new ones.

Steve I can give you an idea how to get rid of them…lol…

PS…Thank you to all the folks that have requested “Idea Kits” in the last couple days…

If you really have an idea rather than putting em in a metal drum and setting them on fire, I’m all ears.

No Steve, your idea sounds much better…lol…

Paul - they’re 3.5x3.5 - from a co. here in Fla called payless - 'bout .15/ea I think…down to my last 500…

I just made this same mistake this month. I got an email offering a great deal on magnets, so I ordered some. I didn’t realize there were different quality levels, just thought a magnet was a magnet. :oops:

Like a pizza is just a pizza. :lol:


I’m putting it in my (huge) stack of rookie mistakes.

Just looking again at Taradels website and their magnets are listed as 12 pt. I’m not exactly sure if this is the same but other places I have ordered magnets from the thickness is 20mil or 25 mil. Do yourself a favor and get a sample magnet from them so you know what you are getting ahead of time.

At least you are a rookie. I have been benched.

I just wanted to thank all the “Think Tankers” that requested an “Idea Kit” from me…It was quite overwhelming for a few days…If you did not hear back from me by email, your request might not have made it…Please contact me if that is the case…

Also, I have a number of orders in the works and what stood out was the fact that the designs were quite simple and the phone numbers filled the width of the magnets to allow them to stand out…Thanks to Daddio for that advice…