Hi Royce,

I’m glad you asked. Yes, Avantec does offer a warranty for Canada: two years parts and service.

Avantec has established relations with service companies in various areas in Canada, but it is also our company policy to work with the preferred service agent for individual customers when possible.

The export warranty mentioned on the website refers mainly to overseas operations, but again, it is best to contact Avantec directly for questions on ovens sold in non-North American areas.

Generally, another issue I’d like to address is the question about the Avantec 3242-2 versus two 3242-1s. Many Avantec customers, because of the value offered with 2 belts in 1 oven, prefer to buy a combination of the two ovens - that way they have 3 or 4 belts in just 2 ovens. With this combination, a customer can use just one oven for slower times. They then can use both of the ovens to have a total of either 3 belts (with the 3242-2 and the 3242-1) or 4 belts ( two 3242-2s) so that they have extremely quick delivery times during their busiest nights.

Having only 2 ovens with either 3 or 4 belts also helps to keep the cost of running the pizza shop lower. More belts means they need less floor space, so a smaller hood size can be used and the cost on energy is lower because it is less expensive to heat 2 belts in 1 oven than 2 belts in 2 ovens.

If there are any other questions, please let me know!