Average Ticket

With coupons and discounts, what are most people seeing as an Average Ticket? Some told me $13 is a good avg ticket, is that true?

We are running over the last 6 months or so, somewhere between $18.50 to $21.00 average ticket. We run it by week and then by month. Mostly we are in the $20 range for a week.

Our main marketing goal right now is getting the phone to ring and bodies through the doors.

My overall is $12… just Delivery ave. is $20

My sit down customers buying a pop or an ice cream cone for $1 throws off the ave. per ticket for in-house diners

My overall average last year was $27.43 with deliveries at an average of $39.42. My 14 inch cheese pizza sells for $16.99, my house special 14 inch sells for $25.99 and I offer a 40% discount on a second pizza.

Yea… I thought that was quite low for delivery… ours is low because we sell by the slice, but if I took out the slices we’re at $21…

Thanks all

I’m at just over $15 in a delivery store in a college town.

My ticket average is about 28.00

I’m at 14

im at 21

We are delivery/caryout only. Our ave ticket for last month was $29. Over the holidays it was closer to $40. Our year round ave is about $26. Those numbers do include slices during lunch but we do not do a lot of that.

Carry out /Delivery in Chicago. My average ticket is $23.00.

What are you running, a morgue with a broken phone? You want customers coming through your doors and, if your phone doesn’t ring call a telephone repairman.

We are a delco and average $15.

Hi Mar:

As I have indicated before , I do not use equipment myself, I only report for the benefit of the readership what our many hundreds of clients use and tell us about.

None of the chain accounts we service and almost none of our independents use presses.

The pressing surface is heated and apparently puts a bit of a skin on the pizza and our clients find that objectionable.

George Mills

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I thought I was doing good at $13/ticket, but after reading these answers, I am depressed :cry:

We are an indy with dine in/take out only (no delivery)

our large 16" pies sell for 10.75, i see some of your pies are more than this

how do i compare apples to apples to see if my average ticket sux


It is comparing apples to banana’s. The thing is not how is my average ticket price compared to my competitors. But how IS my average ticket price. Are you upselling? Do u ask EVERY customer if they would like to order extra cheese, or a same sized pepperoni pizza for only…the reason we worry about average ticket price is to make sure we or our staff are getting the most from every customer transaction. Often my customers thank me for making a suggestion because they havent completly thought through their purchase…they forgot they had an extra kid staying overnight, or didnt realize I sold cans of pop…etc.
I hope this helps some.

We do upsell. All of our employees upsell - it’s cute to see 16 yo boys do it - they do try, which is all I can ask, really.

I think what “hurts” us is that we have $5 lunches that account for about 20% of our sales per day. Mu hubby and I were thinking about separating before 4pm tickets with after 4pm tickets to see what our average dinner ticket is.

I do that. Makes in more resonable. Also it lets you know if enough upselling is happening at lunch

avg check size is an important indicator for you to see what you can work on to imprve the most important number and that is profit in actual dollars. there are lots of important numbers we all should be looking at ie: food cost, labor cost overhead, sales, avg ticket size, profit margin, contribution margin etc. But when the chickens come home to roost how much in actual dollars are you bringing home. The others will just show you where you can adjust to bring more home. If your avg order is $13 and you do 10k a week you will be doing 769 orders a week. Lets say you can increase the avg order by one dollar by upselling. Lets figure you have a high food cost of 30%. That would give you an increase of money in your pocket of almost 28K a year. Think about this with all of these numbers and your profit will grow.