Average Ticket

I chop up my average ticket by day of the week, month, hour of the day, delivery/carryout, anyway I can to try to spot trends. My goal is year over year increase of my average ticket of 10-12% over inflation.

Upselling is key, but if your menu or food cost is out of control your avg ticket won’t help you get out of the red.

Try the extra cheese angle or 2 extra toppings for $1… I also added some high margin items that are selling good

Don’t lose your mind by looking at someone else’s numbers. Use your numbers to manage your business. If you believe your 16" pie is priced too low for your marketplace, then raise the price . . . your ticket average will follow.

We use the ticket average and customer counts to give us general direction for marketing. While always trying to drive gross sales and get bodies through the door, we use avg and cust count to focus different projects and find out what impact they had. When we have a slack period, we can look and see if people are ordering less food, or just fewer people ordering.

These are business management tools and not absolutes, so don’t get too worried until you have some baselines and trends to watch. Then use the information to drive some marketing machines. Add-on or bundled offers often get ticket averages up, and box-top offers can be used to create faster repeat (bounce back) business.

Thanks Nick - your words of wisdom helped :idea:

Ditto to what Nick is saying…

Its a good tool to figure out whats going on and what the trends are. If your’s are low… it maybe because of your market or something else, use the tool to figure out whats going on.

You should talk to your competitors… make friends… you’d be suprised how many of your competitors will talk to you… they have the same struggles as you.