Back office safe...really needed?

Can someone tell me if it’s necessary to have an in ground safe for back of store? What are the advantages of it? If youre gonna get robbed, youre gonna get robbed…will a safe make it any better?

Thx for your responses.

  1. How much $$ do you want sitting right there at the counter tempting a robber (or an employee?). We “drop” money from the register to the back office safe continuously. If someone says “give me all the money” at the counter, they’ll probably get $100 (more if they want the coins).

  2. ALL money is then locked up at night, and (GOOD TIP FOLLOWS): the cash register drawer is LEFT WIDE OPEN. Someone peeking in after hours will SEE that there is no money worth breaking in for.

  3. For those reasons, I recommend a safe that let’s you “drop,” and if you’re big or busy enough to justify it, one that’s big enough to slide a whole cash register drawer into.

Like this maybe

Money locked up at night? Yes, IN THE BANK! Why would you leave the money in the store. Take it to the night drop and forget it.

Read you insurance policy. Mine states $1000 cash held onsite max coverages. Get the money to the bank ASAP but not a routine time because that can make you an easy target.

Hmmmm. 45 to 60 minute round trip for us to the nearest bank. After a night at the shop . . . not likely. We don’t leave $$$ in the shop. We lock it in a lockbox at home needing three keys to get to it from outside the house. We make regular deposits to limit cash in hand as much as possible.

Yikes that is a long way to a bank! We have about 6-7 within 2 miles and there are only 12000 people in our town.

No need to rub it in . . . . :cry: I’ll be you claim to have a grocery store in your town too, I’ll bet. And closer than 12 miles, too?

I’m burning up the phone lines to recruit some sort of depository branch or other to get here. Long crazy trip this town has taken to get where we are . . . long and crazy.

We keep ours in a safe. I do not have the kids do my deposits for me. I will not put them in that position. I do the depoait the next morning when I come in. Check your insurance policy and see what it says. Mine must be in a safe if it is at the store over night. In fact I was broken into 2 months ago and lost almost 1200.00 (good thing I had lots of debit and CC charges) I am covered with no deductible on the cash and on damage to contents and building when it is a B&E

Well you still have the cash for the drawers the next day along with any change and petty cash on hand. I’ve worked where we have had $600+ in the safe at any given time plus deposits waiting to go to the bank. Company policy would change on occasion from night drops to take the deposits in the morning.

Nick, I am gonna have to get out a map and see where you are and consider moving there when I retire. I like out the way spots. (Grocery store is 300 yards away, the next closest one is a 1/4 mile)

Our needs sound like they are different than some other places. I have never heard of a robbery in our town. Some burglaries, yes, but never a robbery. My manager rides a bicycle home and stops at the night deposit on the way.

we had a small safe but they used a crow bar and popped the bolts out of cement floor–now dont keep money at store. had a surplus store have a 1250 lb safe for $50.00 but didnt know how to move it but thats whats needed had anouther safe they beat the dial but didnt get in still cost of broken door and safe

Get a time release safe and put it in the front/counter part of the shop (mine’s under my slap table). Get one with a letter box to drop cash through the day/night.

That way if you do get held up who’s going to want to stand in the front of the shop for 10 mins while the timer goes off?

we plan to get a drop top safe later on for when business climbs. We don’t want large amounts of cash in the front of the store at one time. We’ll make drops through the shift into the safe in back of house . . . some many square feet, they’ll play heck finding ours :smiley:

I’m just talking about enough to open the next day with.
Or, in some cases, it actually does make sense for a store to have a deposit sit locked in a safe for a night…

10-15 years ago, Rally’s (tiny burger joint, drive through only) in St. Louis had a rash of burgleries. They’d break in and roll the safe out the back door. I think they’ve started bolting them down now :).

It’s necessary, buy one.

Nick isn’t fooling anyone. Coming from GA we know he puts his nightly deposits into mason jars and buries them out back.

It’s coffee cans, and the side yard.

Out back we have watermelons growing by the dumpster from ‘neighborly citizens’ dropping off household garbage in my dumpster (before we got locks installed!). Should be big enough to harvest end of August!

Take a look at the safes at www.fireking/mcgunn_home.html[/url] , I think everyone should have a time delay safe and let it be known. If there is an easier target across the street the criminal will just go there instead.

I was just going to recommend a time delay from McGunn !

We have the older model of the McGunn in both of our locations. When we moved to our current location 4 years ago it took 2 hours to cut the bolts so we could move the safe. You can control who has access to your money. Lock down when it will open. No break ins in the 21 years we’ve been in town… (knock on wood)