BBQ Sauce as a Pizza brands

I currently use Masterpiece because it is thick and holds well in the oven, but the flavor could be better.

What do all the Think Tankers use…


Hi Pat,

I use masterpiece too as I like all my sauces to be Gluten Free and many heavier bbq sauces are not. I too like it for the thickness. Try adding a small amount of A1 steak sauce to it. A1 sauce bubbling hot out of the oven has an intense flavor profile. If you wanna spice it up, try adding some Sriracha Hot Sauce. Hope this helps and best of luck with the opening of Flingers Part Deux!


Sweet Baby Ray’s rulez…

sweet baby ray’s here,

same here sweet baby rays

Kens Cannonball bbq sauce- the viscosity is perfect, taste is perfect- Ill never consider switching. We use it on pizza, burgers, chicken tenders, and wings

we use sweet baby rays.dont use a lot of it because otherwise all they will taste is bbq sauce

but we also use Cattlemen’s Gold for a 2nd pizza that features pulled pork…

I used to use Sweet Baby’s but they had a product sampling at the Restaurant Depot against the Sweet Baby Ray’s and the Depot brand the Sweet Chefs Quality and for $20.00 a case less expensive and no real taste or texture difference I go with the Chef Quality. My customers love it.

Is it Gluten Free by chance? $20/case is big savings

We mix our own (6 different BBQ sauces made in house) since we are mainly a BBQ restaurant. And we use our sweetest sauce for our BBQ-sauce based pizzas. (as sweet as Rays, just not so thick and syrup’ish)

Sweet Baby Rays has a large following, it’s the most popular sauce in the country, and I believe it would bring the least amount of complaints,.

I would consider cutting it with some root beer, or coca cola to bring something new to the table instead of offering the same thing everyone else does.
Maybe try thinning it a bit with Dr. Pepper, that’ll bring out a unique flavor

I just checked, and Yes it is gluten free. Give it a try, and maybe save yourself $20.00 a case. I go through 3 cases a month, that would be like $720.00 a year savings over the Sweet Baby Ray’s cost. I like the idea of the Dr. Pepper infused sauce. Must try that one.

I wonder how the Dr. Pepper/Coke/Rootbeer & Sweet Baby Rays mixture holds up on a pizza. Has anyone tried?

We use Cattlemen’s Mississippi Sweet BBQ sauce. Texture and flavor works pretty well for us. Would love to make my own someday.

Ive never mixed with SBR sauce, because we do not use it, but it holds up fine on a pizza because there are so many emulsifiers in commercial sauce, I don’t think you could get it to break under gamma radiation.

We have used it for years thinned w/ H2O, but are in the process of sampling some other add-ins instead. We have never had a problem with it. Straight out of the bottle it is too thick though.

It’s a little pricey but sonnys sweet sauce if its available in your area. You can buy it at sams.

I can not imagine anyone here using “canned” pizza sauce so why a BBQ sauce in a bottle…“House made” has a nice ring to it in your marketing…

Time, i only have so much of it. If what comes out of that bottle is good enough and it sells, does it matter ?

But with “home made” could you sell more and/or at a “premium” price?..And make more on the “bottom line”?..I think many pizza places become quite “ordinary” unless they do stuff that sets them apart from others…