i want to use fresh beef topping, anyone here have the seasoning recipe for it , or how you handle it? thanks

sounds odd, but I use Casa de Bertachi meatballs for my beef topping…can sell it as a MB pizza or I dice 'em up for beef…tastes good for a shortcut…

I use leen ground beef. I dice it all up (10lbs at a time) on a big cookie sheet throw it in the pizza oven for about 5 minutes chop it up some more and stir it up drain the grease throw it back in the oven for about 5 minutes and then chop it up once more and cook for about 2 minutes and its done. I then throw it all in a strainer and rinse under hot water, press out the water add breadcrumbs and a bit of garlic and its good to go. I can do 30 lbs in about 30 min. After the first pan is in I wait about 2 minites and throw the 2nd pan in wait 2 minutes and throw the 3rd pan in.

I have never wanted to use raw beef for anything. Keeping thawed beef is not a good idea and the cross-contamination issues are just one more thing to be concerned about. Handling the stuff through cooking and cleaning is nasty. It clots up with the juice and grease in the pans and is a pain on the make line.

We also use beef meetballs and tear them up for use as a topping. When people ask for beef that is what we put on the pizza. We do not bother to talk about it.

Are you making your own MB’s? If not what is a good brand?

I take ground beef and make a meat loaf out of it (garlic pepper salt onion) and cook it drain off the fat and portion it out and frezze

I have to dissagree. I dont know why keeping thawed beef isnt a good idea I will bet about 90% of all restaurants keep thawed beef at some time. Our beef comes in every Tuesday (30lbs) we cook it that day and then freeze whatever we dont need right aways Clean up takes about 10 minutes. I guess you could make it more complicated then this if you wanted to but what we do is actually very simple. The trick to making sure it doesnt clot up is rinsing it after it is cooked, if you get all the grease out you will be fine.

We do not handle any raw meats so we never have to address the food safety issues that come with them.

I also am not a fan of adding compexity to operations unless there is a proportional pay-off. It just is not there with beef as a topping. Beef is a “C” or “D” level topping in popularity, well down the list below Pepperoni and Sausage, below canadian bacon and even chicken.

I would not consider switching to a product that required prep or extra clean-up. Just cooking off beef and doing the clean-up would at least one or two grease trap pumpings per year which cost about $100 each time around here.

Our customers like the meatballs we use and I am not aware of us ever losing a sale over the subsitution. The meatballs are a really good product and cost is in line especially considering the prep/cleanup labor we do not incur.

It amazes me how many pizza indys are so into the assembly line premade garbage.

Well at least it’s easy eh??+ :roll:

If you would like my recipe email me… :smiley:

Passion… what do you know about my operation actually? Not enough for the assumption made in your statement. Do you make your own pepperoni? Do you smoke your own hams? If not, save your sarcasm.

We make our own dough and sauce, use premium specialty meats like elk, pheasant and wild boar, have white sauce, BBQ sauce, pesto sauce options, and use all fresh veggies (except pinapple, olives and Art hearts which are canned)

My point about compexity is that beef is simply not important enough to rate the effort and I don’t believe the quality gain is there either. Sure there is plenty of “garbage” out there; using meatballs in place of cooking off beef does not qualify for that characterization.

I reckon we should all grow our own wheat…harvest & store it & mill it just-in-time…get up early in the morning to milk the cows and get a batch of cheese curds going…don’t fergit to fertilize the tomato plants while your’e staking them upright…keep the rodents out of the basil patch…after you finish drinking the beer you just brewed - remember you need yeast for the next batch of dough…

we all take necessary short-cuts based on our needs & finished product…

I try to make the best I can w/the tools @ hand…for me, pre-made meatballs are fine, as I don’t use enuf beef to warrant the additional hassle, but I’m adamant regarding the sauce I use & the blend of cheese…

as long as our customers like our product…

what about steak instead of ground beef?
what about fresh pineapple instead of canned?

Actually I use ground sirloin :slight_smile:


I meant no disrespect, the way you were stating your opinions as fact just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I am sure you have a great product, and if you saw how much beef I go through you may change your mind as here all the good ol boys love their beef on their pizza.

Also…what do you pay for the precooked stuff? I get ground sirloin for .99 a pound so I encourage people to buy beef and my home made meatballs.

I do like your idea of using meat balls as your beef topping as thats what I do if we run out in the middle of a rush.

What do you do if someone orders a meatball and ground beef pizza?

Meatball is on the menu, beef is not. When they order “beef” we give them meatball. I’ll have to ask the guys if they have ever had anyone order beef AND meatballs. I have never taken a call like that.

Sorry about the opinion/fact thing. I guess after a number of years we can get set in our ways. No doubt, more than one of us is. I recently hired a new manager who is full of ideas. I find I have to stiffle myself a little. I do not want to discourage him, but the fact is that I have already tried most of the things he comes up with at one time or another in the last 9 years I have owned these two stores and the several years before that I have in other pizza places. No doubt I miss out on some good ideas being set in my ways. On the other hand, what I am doing is working pretty well.

I have been home sick for the last three days which no doubt makes me grumpy. It also provides plenty of time for posting on this forum. I do realize that each of us has his own reality and a different market. Please take my comments as being relevant to my own situation and not intended to provide direction to others.

Where do you get sirloin for 99 cents? Regular ground beef is 3X that here.

I would like to correct you on this point. To YOU beef is not important enough to rate the effort and to YOU the quality gain isnt there but to ME it is I have tried to find a good quality beef topping but I cant so I make my own.

geezz. Have nice night and all. Later.

The exact same sirloin I use my butcher sells for $6.99 retail. I have a pretty sweet hook up. I know a butcher who caters to the very wealthy and prides himself on throwing away everything not sold at the end of the day. So I talked him into selling it to me…I bought a new freezer and its full.

Anyone want some beef??? I have 150 pounds right now.

I wish we had one like that around here. I would eat steak every night. (I am more than a little tired of pizza)