in GA you need to go with Sweetwater 420…brewed in ATL and a fantastic beer…our #1 seller

we sell 4 cases a week of Blue Moon and I still have a case of Lienie Red from 4 weeks ago…

We have 20 beers on tap. Mich Ultra, Bud, Bud Light, and Miller Lite are outstanding. Specialties like Stella, Guinness and Blue Moon are of course slower, but still move well.

We have a dedicated 8 x 10 walk-in for beer barrels only. We operate on a long draw, glycol system. The beer is ice cold. It depends on the day of week, but we average about $1200/day in beer sales. We get beer deliveries twice per week from each company.

Our bottle beers are all kept on ice behind the bar. Servers add ice about every two hours or so. When a bottle is pulled to be served, one is dropped back into its place, so that the inventory is always full. The new one is placed upside down, so the next server does not grab a warm beer.