Best Pepperoni?

We use Hormel Pepperoni and I really like the taste. The problem is the inconsistency. From week to week the pizza will be either looking just fine or a literal pool of oil on top. Does anybody have any recommendations for better pepperoni?

We tried one from Sysco last week that had some chicken in it. It was never greasy but didn’t have that flavor of the Hormel.

Hormel Bold Pepperoni.
Never tried ezzo but heard great things.
Fontanini has a hand sliced irregular slice pepperoni that is awesome and it tooks cool, but its pricey.
I tried cup and char pepperoni, and loved it but got several complaints. Well not complaints just let known they prefered the usuall pepperoni. Thats why I use Hormel Bold pepperoni now, good price 14/oz nice spicy flavor. No complaints just alot of pepperoni pizza

I love the cittero

We also use hormel bold price is right and it has more flavor than their other pepperoni. We were using pocino at one point and it has a great flavor but was very inconsistent in the thickness fromm slice to slice so I switched. It’s also $15 cheaper per case which is nice.

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Fontanini Old World Pepperoni…too pricey for me though

We use the primo gusto and love the way that it cups a little bit. However we have tested the EZZO and it’s delicious. More expensive also. Not sure how a switch would go over with our customers though…

Yes this is awesome pepperoni. Just too pricey.
Fontanini makes the best meatballs.
They also have me on bacon topping, and their hand pulled sausage topping

Patrick Cudahay Pavone’ #15430 Spicy cup & crisp for me. My guest love it. About 100 lb. a week.

Switching pepperoni is tough! Most of my customers were not amused even though I LOVED the change… Most people really do hate change.

We use the hormel performance pepperoni

Its great, very consistent

Margherita Fine Stick and slice it yourself.

Asked the distributors to get me samples of Ezzo, pretty geeked to give it a shot but it’s damn near twice as expensive - $99 for 25 lbs woof!

Ezzo is the best for my money. I’ve been using it for 6 plus years now.

What is the price per pound you are paying for Ezzo?

I received the free sample box yesterday night and holy shit it’s amazing! It’s smaller than the standard pepperoni and my initial thought was it’d take longer to put on pies but in reality it really didn’t take that long. I was also salivating while I topped each and every pie with pepperoni all night! I’m going to try to justify the cost but $35 more per case is a lot.

35 dollars more a case more is painful. I’d have to hear a positive comment from every single customer every single day to make that kind of switch on something we buy so much of.

One of my distributors carries 3 sizes of Ezzo pepperoni and there is a $0.50 per pound difference between the largest and smallest. The largest is the cheapest. The same size as we carry now is about 24% more expensive than our current pepperoni. It’s been awhile since I have tried it. Maybe I can get a sample…

We are paying $3.33 per pound for Ezzo. The cases are 100% usable-no mis cuts. If you put 55 slices on a 16" pizza, that works out to .83 per portion.

What size is that?

Beats the $3.96/lb I was told. Guess I’ll ask my other distributor as well. If it’s $3.33 I’ll make the change