Beware: Pizza Savor

I came across an ad for “Pizza Savor” in one of the two Pizza magazines the other week. So I decided to check out their website and filled out the contact info hoping to get some more information or some samples of the product. Last week three boxes arrive with 200 Pizza Savors per box for each of their three sizes. I checked the packing slip and didn’t see anything related to a bill and I thought that was an awfully generous sample and didn’t think anymore of it. Low and behold, what arrives in the mail today…a bill from Pizza Savor in the amount of $100. Yeah, I don’t think so.

I will contact them shortly to figure out what the heck they are doing because I didn’t order anything and as you can see on their website all it asks for is contact information.

Just thought I’d share this.

Enjoy the free products. They can’t charge you or sue you without an order.

you are about to enjoy having some guy named “Sid Housen” calling you every freaking day about it. He kept calling me every day during our dinner rush and saying the same thing over and over.

(new york accent) “You’ll love our product”
Me: What is the cost?
Sid: It doesnt matter, with our product, you are serving a better product.

how does it compare to crust saver? price?

Well at least they called you back. I’ve called Crust Savers twice last week,left 2 messages and am still waiting for someone to call back.

i have been using crust savers for over a year now and they have been very good

My name is Dave Smith and I am a member of the USPT. I think you guys are too quick to judge. You may have been sent cases instead of samples, but that only makes him (Sid) human. I would have placed a simple phone call to clear up the issue befor slamming him on the internet for all to see.
As far as the Pizza Savours, my delivery and take-out sales have doubled since I started using them, and I didn’t need to increase the price. These are the best things that happed to pizza since the box.

Same here, he sent us samples (4 of each size) a couple months back… and every freakin day SID would call and harassment my order takers because I was not available to take his call while I’m working on customers food!
Product seems fine but I WILL NOT get it because of Sid’s irritating nature. :evil:
you dun piss me off boy. :x


I’m gonna get me some pizza savours, and then get me some of those shiny, purty menus mailed out from Taradel - and my sales will quadruple!!

(P.S. Don’t tell anyone else - I’m going to take over the pizza world! muuhahahahahah!)

How about some fridge magnets too?…

Since the box? I think my sauce is the best thing to happen to pizza since the box, personally. YMMV.

While I agree tht the call could have preceeded the post here . . . . but the guy wanted to get word of caution out to us ASAP. Hopefuly there will be a wrap-up post to come. I am really, really curious to hear the explanation how a request for samples on the website turned into cases of product shipped AND an invoice. One or the other suggests an “oops” . . . both would make me very angry, too.

Nick, if you look at the website, no where does it say anything about requesting samples - the form to be filled out only says “Contact Us” - nothing about “request samples”.

If anything was sent - even just samples - from filling out a “contact us” form without at least the courtesy of fulfilling that contact request - I don’t understand.

Unless, of course, “contact” to “Pizza Savor” means send product and a bill… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bulletpizza did you or someone at your store speak to someone directly or fill out something more in order to receive anything. Because on their main screen where it says “contact us” it doesn’t ask for a physical address just an email. I filled it out the same day this post was started and have still to hear anything back in form of phone call or email.

Ah, that’s true - something I missed when I posted above.

I guess we won’t know unless the OP responds. Maybe someone called the store and a regular employee gave the address not knowing what it was about - a-la “printer paper”… :shock:

I’ve got answers to your questions…

The only information I filled out was what was on the website and no calls from Pizza Savor were placed to my shop. All of my employees know to immediately hand the phone to a manager when these types of calls come in, and none of my managers ever took a call.

I did call the company and voice my concern. I got a call back from Sid apologizing and his explanation, in my opinion, was sketchy. He said he was inundated with requests from the Pizza Expo and that somehow my information ended up with those requests. It wouldn’t be hard to get my address after giving him my phone number through the website, but how do you take the time to secure someone’s address and then mix it with pizza expo info? Even more perplexing is why send a case each of all three sizes when no order was placed?

He offered to take care of it only after living up to the reputation that the others posted above. This isn’t quite over yet, and I’ll let you guys know how it ends.

They don’t even have a number listed on the website for contacted them. So I guess you just have to wait till they feel like getting ahold of you.

Re: Beware: Pizza Savor Wrap-Up

First of all, my dad called me very upset about a thread that has gone out of control.

I just want to set the record straight for everyone who has written on this site. My name is David Hausen, Sid Hausen’s son.

My dad is the inventor of the original product Dri-Pie, the improved version is now known as PIZZA-SAVOR. Yes, my dad is a senior citizen, but a lot younger than people half his age. Sadly he didn’t realize how quickly things could spin out of control with speculation and insinuation in the digital age. Bottom line, yes, he did make a mistake and used an order instead of a sample form.

Bulletpizza was sent an invoice for a shipment he received that he must have known weren’t just samples (600 pieces). OK, my first reaction was, hey dad, if you requested light bulb samples from GE and they send you six-dozen, instead of the few you expected. Now you give them out to all your neighbors and then the company suddenly sends you a bill, you too would be upset. Bulletpizza has been apologized to and was told to keep the unused two boxes for free and only pay for the one he used. He has subsequently been told not to pay for any of them. Regarding “why send a case of each of all three sizes when no order was placed?” Samples are sent in all three sizes but obviously not a case of each.

I’m beyond proud of my dad for coming up with a revolutionary idea and sticking with it for over a decade. If he has called pizza operators numerous times, it’s because of his enthusiasm for what has been proven and he knows in his heart to be a really great product.

I hope this puts this issue to bed.

Re: Beware: Pizza Savor Wrap-Up

How am I supposed to know the shipment wasn’t just samples when all I did was fill out the information on the website? I thought it was a generous sample because there was no no bill including in the packaging and there was nothing on the packing slip to make me think otherwise. The only thing I’m guilty of is wanting to get this straightened out.

As I said in the update post, I spoke with your father and he apologized and explained what happened, even though to me it seemed sketchy. After the conversation I was under the impression he was going to send a pick up order for two of the cases and I was being given the large size pizza savor as a sample, payment for them was not discussed. I’m glad that I get to read it here on PMQ’s Think Tank that I don’t have to pay for any of them, because the invoice I received in the mail this past Saturday the 27 was a bill for the large size.

I’m sure the Pizza Savor is top notch (I haven’t touched what was shipped to me) and I haven’t dogged your father’s product at all. I’m just glad that this has been settled.

I’ve seen Pizza Svor the black recycled plastic if I’m not mistaken. Decent product but the best that I’ve found is They’ve been around forever, i think they invented the use of the screen. Also, it’s a clear plastic, not recycled, (my customers are the pickiest in america they don’t like the black look touching their food). Lastly, I love the dispenser it comes in. And what’s more, the price is amazing. By far the best priced. That’s my .02 cents.

I am always glad to hear about service from companies. I am the first one waving my hand and recommending someone or something if I had a good experience. Nothing wrong with it. Fortunate for me and you all I haven’t had many bad experiences. But if I were to receive the service from your company…yeah…would definately mention it.

The great thing is as the owner you have also got to hear it. Regardless if we or you heard it…the experience was the same for him. And you can be 100% positive general people in his life heard it. All the cost of doing business. So now what? In this age of digital communication we have to continue to adapt. Tell your dad to chill out. As a senior citizen who knows how technical he is and hearing someone is complaining about his passion I am sure he is worried. Loved your light bulb example…but doesn’t change HIS experience. Hindsight is 20/20.

What is unique for you is you have resolved it and also been linked to an opportunity to become a part of the community if you wish. Clearly your dad has created a unique product and a lot of people here would be interested in some of the insight you all might have in our industry not just your product.

As for your product I don’t know what it is…have an idea so might go check it out.