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I keep hearing about the Black Book and I have visited Kamron s site. Have any of you used this system to the amount of success that he claims? Is anyone using his monthly ad. campaign?
I need something to bring in more business and I had a recent move where I think I lost a few customers, also have brand new competitor in my old location. Down in sales about 20% this year, Have been doortagging and putting menus on hooks on peoples mailboxes. Helping a little but I need a lot more and I need it quick.
All of you guys have really good ideas on here. Not the greatest at marketing so if any one knows if its worth it to spend the money on his system, please let me know. Or any other ideas. I’d really like to put the new guy out. I know it can be done but how??

Unless you do not believe you can get your money back in 90 days if it does not work there is no reason not to give it a try…I have read quite a number of posts on this site that speak highly of Kamron Karington, however, I have not read one that said they could not get a refund…So what have you got to lose…


PS…I hear he has some special deals for buyers, including fridge magnets but it is not me…Oh well…

biggest thing u can do is Upsell. try to get the people to spend more money.

if you use the black book to the fullest effect, you need a pos system. Target you own customers, lazy customers (the 20% business you lost from your move) (send them an offer to get them back) , your pos system has a wealth of information. tells you what people buy and how often.

No POS. We do everything pretty old fashioned- hand write orders. But I live in a pretty close community. I am hoping this summer will bring everyone back, I just keep feeling like we are way too slow, money is beyond tight. Havent paid me for a couple of months. I bought the store on August of 05, had to move so this year is the first normal jan and feb Ive been holding on but dont want to go under from ignoring the long silences, also want to double business keep hoping for a 20% increase not decrease. Just starting to feel desparate I guess. Got busy for a couple of hours tonight,

There are some really great ideas on this forum that can help also. I think the most important thing is to follow through with whichever campaign you implement. The black book does help explain a structured door hanging schedule, letter and postcard mailings, upsales, etc. His million dollar letter idea has worked for a lot of people too. The book definitely got me motivated when I needed guidance promoting our store.
But I have to give kudos to my fellow posters here. Lots of great ideas and help, and no one asks for a dime from you.

Be careful with those door hangers and mailboxes, I’m not sure if hanging stuff ON them is illegal, but it’s definitely a federal offense to put things into them (you probably knew that, but…)

Tom R

the black book is worth it in or on the mailbox is very illegal as is with anyother way to make money you have to educate yourself could you imagine a person who one day decided they were going to be a doctor so they went to the local hardware store and bought a hacksaw knife and flashlight and then put out a sign doctor for hire “cheap” that is exactly what most of us do and we can not understand why people are not lined up around the block to buy our pizza if you talk to the majority of the people in your area they have never heard of you and almost none of them could tell you why someone should buy your pizza in fact I bet you cold not explain why someone should buy your pizza other then the “fresh dough” like answers that everyone says now with that said get the black book stay away from regular forms of marketing get involved in your community and kill the competition and then start making some real money

I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful in any way, but the man himself has admitted to not even going to high school, so as far as education would go…That was why I was asking if anyone themselves were using this system. I have heard of the book being sold on ebay and read people on here selling it. So is it just one of those things that is worth the read or invaluable business tool?? I will probably get it anyway, just wondering. Most mailboxes around here have hooks or chronicle boxes attatched to them so you can hang stuff on. I dont actually touch mailbox.

I’m not sure what high school or college has to do with being smart, successful, knowledgeble or driven. I doubt most of the people in these forums and in the business were big in school either. If the key to this business was just going to school I doubt this forum would exist.

Kameron’s book does not pocess any secret or anything you will not here of in this forum. What he has done is compiled a lot of ideas and strategies and explained how they work, why they work and how to measure their success. There are other marketing books you could buy that could equallly more or less help you but I do not know of one that is specific to pizza.

Could you learn all Kameron has to say through these boards, books and Google? Yes, but it will take you some time to find and make sense of it.

His book is a great jump start. Not everything will work for everyone, but you will gain the knowledge of how to determine what is right for your business.

god bless you with all of your education your sales are down 20% his went so high he retired mine are up 40% from last year and going higher good luck sweetie
Some famous high school dropouts…

Me to(not famous), but I graduated with honors in college in my 30s…



I didn’t see where you posted the question about hanging doorhangers on the mailbox hooks but I will tell you that attaching any kind of marketing material in or on a mailbox without paying postage is subject to a fine of (if I’m not mistaken) up to $500 per occurrence. So, stay away from that strategy.

As far as immediate results, you are getting into the warmer months of the year. People will be out and about a lot more than normal. This would be a great time to do a customer appreciation special to get old customers into your store and to also create new customers. A customer appreciation special is just a simple carryout special with a good price point, but you want to create a celebratory atmosphere… using streamers, balloons, decorations, giveaways, etc. I posted this before somewhere but can’t seem to find it.

As far as Kamron’s book: I’ve never read it. His ideas seem to be heavy in common sense. A few owner/operators in here presently own the book and I’m sure they put it to good use.

Here’s my philosophy: If you market correctly, your sales will increase. I would imagine the black book gives them the incentive to get out there and market where they wouldn’t have before. So, buy it if you plan on using it. Or, just read some previous posts about raising sales and you’ll get an idea of which things work and which things don’t.

Good luck. -J_r0kk

1st) is very cheap! realy pays for its self and you can just try for free for 60 days really helped my store!
2) just bought the Black book at the seminar on monday at first look, it takes things you are doing like say for instance door hanging offers and tells you how to get better results
I plan on moving to a new location and I am going to do a complete cronical of the BLACK BOOK. all good things and bad so we will see!!

I sent some of my cooks out to door hang one day. This was awhile back. They got tired of walking, so they got in their car and drove around the neighborhoods and put the doorhangers in the mailbox.

We didn’t realize that they had done this… Until the post office called our store the next day… :frowning: It wasn’t a good a week …

I would like to state again I do not touch mailboxes. Mailboxes that are on a post, not attatched to houses all have little hooks on the side of the post, to hang adv. on. We have a magazine called on the shore I think they actually put the hook on. I have actually followed behind mailmen and the mag. guys and noone has ever said anything. There is no touching of the physical mailbox. I would still like to know how it goes for someone to follow the black book to a T or who uses Kammron for their adv. monthly like he advertises. Sorry- I didnt realize this question would raise such friction. Fairly new to this site and used to be in real estate where there is all kinds of programs of Kammrons nature, some are great but some are just the same old thing. I would like to stress ten times over that I was not dogging on anyone without education- I wasn’t even the one that brought it up. Just didnt want to be that “doctors” first patient. Much apologies if I touched a nerve for someone

well for 200.00 he does all the follow thru for you,
I hope to go talk to scott someday real soon as he is pretty close

oops that was me forgot to sign in

I just bought his program while I was at the Pizza expo. I will let you know how things progress. All I can tell you about Kameron is he really wants to help us pizza guys out and yes he is gonna make some money while doing it. Just Like we make money doding what we do. I had the opportunity to go to his place while we were in Vegas and this guy is truely a genuine class act. Try his system if it doesnt wok send it back. The difference between the pizza places that make money and the ones that dont I belive is the marketing. Spend the money and I think you will be glad you did.

I have read the “black book”. We have everything in place except the direct mail letter. This will be going out the beginning of April. I will keep you posted on how well his program performs. Although, I believe that it will be successful I do not know how successful it will be. The biggest common sense point I realized is that if you do nothing then you should expect nothing. If you implement marketing strategies in different forums, you have just laid a solid foundation for the success of your restaurant. ex… doorhanging, direct mail, upselling, advo, box-toppers, local flyers/papers. Anyway, I believe that there is a ton of GREAT information on this site as well as the black book. This site is free and the book will cost you around $ 375. I believe the money spent is an investment in your restaurant. I have spent more that this on failed marketing ideas. In my opinion it’s worth it!!!

I’ll keep everyone posted on how successful the plan was to me!!

I bought the book, and I just like to see what everyone else is doing then putting a spin on an old idea. If you want to look at the book and borrow it just let me know and I’ll mail it to you.

Id love to look at that book, being a first time owner, who is just about to open it would be a great look i think!!