BLock cheese I don;t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!

Falls to mid OCtober levels…don;t hold your breath…but will see some relief??

Big SAl

I’ve been watching it too… down 26 cents in the past week (but from an all-time high.)

The best part is that after making menu and pricing changes to accomodate the high cheese prices, we’ll be sitting pretty if it ever returns to the April levels of $1.30-$1.40. I’m not holding my breath, but it’s nice to dream.

i doubt we will ever see it that low again…BIT I WILL KEEP MY FINGERS CROSSED

its crazy now its not good… i pay 2.50

Our price this week was $2.47 for LMPS block.

Bodegahwy, I think we’re at similar volume levels. We pay 16 cents over the block price on a three-week trailing basis. That put us at 2.2855 this week. Think you can squeeze some more out of your distributor or broker?

What cheese and distributor do you use piper? 16cents is a great price. we’re now paying 22 over and buying for 11 volume stores.

We use the the Sysco Arrezio brand, which (at least in our area) is private label Sorrento. We use low moisture, whole milk variety. I know from reading your posts that you do WAY more volume than me. We’re only about a 650K store.

A couple of years ago I told them that I needed my cheese price locked to the CME market, because they would respond very rapidly to increases and then take the decreases very slowly. I told them that whatever company got my cheese business would get the lion’s share of everything else, and block + 16 cents is what they came back to me with. I was pretty shocked, especially since we weren’t that big at the time. To this day I don’t know why they gave such a good price without getting any purchasing guarantees.

ETA: That was my 100th post :lol:

Where are you located? shipping adds a bit to our cheese.

I can’t pinpoint it exactly because I know two direct competitors hang out here… but we’re in the western states. I believe our Sorrento is a California cheese so it’s not too far of a ship. I’m guessing you have some decent freight charges whether you’re buying Wisconsin or Cali cheese. I bet that could easily make the difference in our prices.

Thanks, I appreciate the help!

I had a deal at 20 cents over from Sysco but they told me they can’t do it anymore so I have been buying from US foods. The last order I did a couple of weeks ago was at $2.23 and I bought 1400 pounds when I saw the chicago prices jump. The $2.47 is the price quote from them this week. With block prices at $2.20 the last week of November the quote I am getting is a smaller % markup than the 20 cents was last winter.

Frankly, I am suprised that Sysco is holding to your deal in light of the increase in fuel cost and the fact that the margin they are getting at 16 cents has slipped from a little over 10% to somewhat less than 7% as prices have risen.

Yes, your assumption about sales volumes are correct. We are within 10% of each other.

Sorry to say it, but, how would you guys like $3.52 lb ? That is an EXCELLENT price in my area for 18% Mozz. Canadian Dairy Marketing Board sets prices. Try making profit at that cheese cost when you have guys doing the ridiculous 3for1 thing and the big name frozen “things” guys getting a 30% discount on that cost because they are in “manufacturing”? My response was to increase my prices and up the quality/content. It works. Disgruntled Canuk, Pizzability Sooke,Canada.

Grande whole milk diced mozzarella is at $3.52 in AZ, from Roma, the only distributor of Grande in AZ, as far as I know,

Try $177 for a 20kg (44lb) block which we pay as from last Monday. Works out at AU$4.02 per lb or the equivalent of U$4.62lb for you guys.

Gee I even think the Canuks aren’t even paying this high ?


In the end…you get what you pay for I guess. Most of the commodity cheese fall in the same price bracket. My friend was using private label cheese for his parm and lasagna paying $2.39 per pound.


i am paying 3.05 a lb

Current WMM is $3.47/#, which is down. Woohoo!

Our price for the last two weeks was $2.37