Buffalo Wild Wings Labor %

I find it astonishing that even with this super slow economy that chains (like Buffalo Wild Wings) have such a low Labor cost even with almost no customers and a large staff.

The other day I was at a BWW location, was about 2 in the afternoon. I was one of 4 other people eating there. And as I sat at the bar I was overhearing the conversation the manager was having with 6 waitresses (mind you I saw 2 bus boys and there must have been at least 3 cooks on duty). That because they had no business today that labor is at 15% so ½ of you got to leave.
I asked the bartender what kind of crowd they had that day and she said 3-4 people in the place at 1 time all morning long.

Das crazy yo!

With that many employees, their labor dollars were probably around the $250 mark by the time the clock hits 2. That means they would have had to have around $1600 in sales in order to achieve 15%… Was your bill $200 bucks lol?

Maybe he was saying for the week??

no, he ment for the day… he said “we’re over staffed right now, we are at 15% labor, we are never at 15% labor, whos going home?”

yeah… my bill was $16 because it was 60cent bonless Mondays :stuck_out_tongue:

The BWW near me shares the same building/floor plan (an old 2-story Don Pablo’s) - am told they hit 100k/week & the local franchise kicks himself 4 not having gotten this location as well…just wish were @ that mark

Waitstaff make, what, $2.13 an hour?

You don’t know what he meant because they were not at 15% labor based on the way we discuss it here. Many chains/companies make up their own system of percentages and benchmarks based on different criteria.

It still amazes me, however, to visit places around town and see all the idle labor standing around . . .

Minimum for waitstaff here is $4.80 and everyone else is $8.00

I like how there are more employees working then people actualy eating :roll:

That makes for good customer service :lol:

Seriously? As if . . . . not where we eat.

Yeah, in Texas we are more business friendly than employee friendly. No min wage higher than federal rate.