Calling it quits...

After 1 1/2 years, I am calling it quits. Tired of struggling to keep afloat. Anyone looking for a deal, especially in NC, I am asking $60k for everything.

Lincoln Double stack 1450
9’ hood with fire supression
Champion dishwasher
Manatowoc 600lbs ice machine
3 unit POS (includes 2 epson printers, cash drawer and pole display)
20 tables (some are 48", 40") includes bases
60 chairs
8 booths
4 SS tables
3 compartment sink
4 18"x18" SS hand sink
Bunn coffee maker
3 tea urns
China (plates, bowls, coffee cups, saucers)
true 96" prep
8x10 walkin cooler
6x8 walkin freezer
several metro shelving units
Salt/Pepper shakers
Plastic serving trays
waitress trays
Parmesan/pepper shakers
under bar water pump
35# grease trap
toledo digital scale
sm, med, large cambro containers

Basically everything to start a 100 seat pizza joint, from start to finish. And, if you act now, I will through in all remaining food! Almost everything in the kitchen was purchased new when I opened.

PM me if interested. If you want to buy it and take it over as is, it averages between $24k and $28k per month.

good luck brother harrvik

Sorry to hear it, haarvik. I wish you happiness in whatever you pursue.

I’m sorry Harv. I felt your frustration a long time ago and you hung in.

The regrets I had selling are so flipping gone based on this horrible economy.

You did your best; heads up, dude.

Well haarvik, I have truly appreciated all your input on here. I know it was probably a really tough decision. Please check in with us and let us know what your up to.


Best of Luck to you.

Can u tell us how your sales were doing in the 1 1/2 years you were open?

Best wishes for your future.

Great sparring with you over the time here.


Sorry to hear you are leaving the business, good luck in whatever you do!

My sales were actually pretty good, averaging $24-$28k per month. If I were to remain open the rest of the year, I would gross about $350k this year.

You worked hard and did a gret job “Representing”.

Thanks for carrying the load with us, and best of fortunes in your next venture.

It’s a tough business - I hope all goes well in future endeavors

Thanks for all your help over the last couple years. Your input was appreciated and helpful. I hope you continue to stop in and see us to provide us with more of you experience and ideas.

Good luck brother.

I thought your store was doing well :frowning:

I’ve had no income since we sold the shop, but my quality of life has improved dramatically. It is amazing how your time gets sucked away from you dealing with the day to day operation. Keep us posted, I’m still checking in on you guys!