CALZONE Question

Hey Guys

I wanted to find out what you all recommend who make calzones. I have a 12", 14" & 16" pizzas. I want to add a calzone to the menu, should I just use the 12" dough for the calzone? Just trying not to have to add another step for employee prep…

THanks Jeff

In your situation, I would use a 12" shell, but that’s actually going to be a little large. I just added Calzones last weekend to my menu and we use a 10" shell.

Everyone one uses different weights for their various sizes so there really is not a “size” standard. It also depends on how big you want your calzone to be.

The easiest thing to do is take your smallest ball and make one to the size you want. If the finished dough is too thick just stretch out the skin bigger next time and trim.

A small doughball is what I use and roll it to 10".

When I worked in pizza shops in NY they mostly used a 10oz. dough ball and stretched it to about 10".

we use an 8oz dough rolled out to 12". your decision should also take into account the price point you are trying to hit. we used to have 2 sizes, the other being a 14" and was a little more expensive. with ppl looking for a lower price these days, we dropped the larger one.

I know this is ‘off topic’ but how do you guys making calzone know which pie is which?

slits in top allow peeking. Also using a # code to identify them. 3 or 4 or 5 or length of slits.

We had special irons made to brand them :wink:

We use a 6oz dough ball rolled out to a 10" pan.

we use a 7 oz doughball rolled out to 10"
when there is more than one at a time we’ll mark them by tucking an identifying topping in the slit on top

At the pizzeria we used to cut letters in the top (eg. P for pepperoni, S for sausage, etc.) it seemed to work pretty well.

I love the visual of this idea. I wanted to try it until I got to:

Pepperoni, Pineapple, Muchroom & Spinach