Ok, so I am trying to do calzones. I know its been discussed before, but obviously I need more specific instructions.
I have a holman proveyor oven.
I need to know…EVERYTHING I dont seem to be able to figure this one out on my own

  1. What temp should oven be on? And what speed? I usually only bake personal sized pizza’s and I bake them at 500 @ 9 min. speed ( parbaked crust)
  2. I am currently testing out 5 oz. 8" dough size to see if I can get this right, but maybe a 12" is better?
  3. I want to have them parbaked, so what do I reheat them at so that they will melt in the middle but not burn on top?
  4. how do u keep the darn things from splitting open?
    argh, this is getting so frustrating and that is why I havent been doing them. but people keep asking so I have to get on this and get it figured out, i am SURE it shouldnt be this complicated! I think i am getting to tired. Could some one please just fly up here, and help me out (your cost of course cuz im to poor :frowning: ) just kidding everyone. Just decided to add a vent onto a scream for help…

We cook them at the same settings as pizza. We use an 11oz doughball (our 12" size) and toss the skin out to about 13-14 inches and trim back to 12". All the goodies go inside, fold the skin in half over the contents and roll the edges together. Knife the top for a couple of vents and bake.

I don’t know why you would want to parbake them though. We make, bake and deliver them fresh.

how long does it take u to bake em?
parbake cuz I have a very busy lunch crowd here, and like to get things in and out very quickly, 5 minutes tops. But maybe with calzones it would take just as much time to bake em as it would to re heat?

I thought that you could not have a oven :? I make calzones using my 12" dough, same time as I bake my pizzas 500 for 5:30 minutes.

Here’s how I do mine:

  1. Take the pizza dough and flatten it out like you would for a pizza.

  2. Run a dough docker over it.

  3. Brush it with butter.

  4. Put pizza sauce on half of it and put half of your cheese on top of sauce.

  5. Put your toppings on top of the cheese and then sprinkle rest of cheese over the toppings.

  6. Now fold the other side of the dough over so if forms a half moon shape.

  7. Take a fork (or some type of crimping tool) and press down all along the edge to seal it and prevent it from popping open while cooking.

  8. Take a knife and cut a few slits in the top of the dough to allow for the cheese to melt and the inside to cook while it’s running through the oven.

  9. Brush the top of it with butter (liquid margerine) and then sprinkle some oregano over it.

  10. Place in oven and cook. (I cook mine just like I do any other pizza except I pull it out of the conveyor oven about 30 seconds early. My oven is set to cook at 500 degrees for around 5 - 5 minutes 30 seconds.)

Roger, my place calls that a folded Stromboli :slight_smile: So many definitions of a calzone and stromboli out there.

We use ricotta in our calzones, and use a similar procedure, swapping ricotta mix for your sauce item. We bake in a deck for a good 18 to 20 minutes to heat it all though.

We just use a hand crimping procedure to seal it. Holes in top for us are about venting steam so it doesn’t bloat up like a balloon. Pizza guy forgot it once. Once. Now it is a decorative flourish as well as steam vent. Brush with garlic butter out of oven . . . sprinkle with garlic romano seasoning and box/serve.

Toni, I have a small proveyor oven.

I have in the past & still do make calzones, but…

in a previous thread, they talked about making pepperoni rolls…

I had thought/tried but was not satisfied…

the discussion evolved to someone detailing they flatten out a crust to approx. 16/17"…

then they cut it into 6 wedge shapes and basically fill & roll, croissant style…

so…I began to experiment…

flatten/cut (6) place one slice provolone & layer/stagger 10 pepperonis…

roll & put on a sheet pan (w/silicone pan liner) and spritz w/H2O & season w/basil/parm mix…

I cook it @ same temp as my pizza, (CTX conveyor) and finish w/garlic oil…

the keep FOREVER in my display case & I pop 'em back in the oven for a minute to retoast…

serve w/a side of pizza sauce…

since then, I’ve filled that size & a 1/4 pie size w/everything from cheesesteak mixture to cheeseburgers & chicken parmesan…

Sauce inside a calzone? Not.

Ditto on that … serve with a side of marinara instead. If you’re using a press on your dough, you’ll have a heck of a time keeping them from splitting open - the oil you use on the press will keep the dough from sealing together; your only option is to roll the edges in that scenario. If you hand toss or use a sheeter, crimping will work just fine - I just turn my pizza cutter upside down & bang it around the outside edge.

A traditional Calzone would never get sauce in it. When adding sauce to it changes the name from a Calzone to a Stromboli!


In my area everyone makes them with sauce along with an additional side of sauce for dipping. Some places also add ricotta cheese. I used ricotta when I first added them to my menu. The majority of customers were asking for them with out ricotta, so I stopped using it.

Around here a stromboli is rolled and has less cheese where a calzone is folded (more like a pocket) and has more cheese. There also aren’t many places here that even make strombolis. It’s funny how the same thing has different names and interpretations from region to region. Either way, with sauce or no sauce, they’re a good seller.

And in Texas, no one really knows which is which or what they should be. So we are gonna come up with our own name.

BINGO!! Ugh! I could NOT get them to stay closed! Now I know why! I use a dough press! The oil on the dough is keeping them from sealing :!: Thank you thank you thank you!! You are the MAN! Ugh, sometimes its just the simple things that cause us the most trouble!

I use a press as well and have no problems with them splitting them open. I use a fork and press down all along the edge. It seals well and does not split open.

Do u put sauce in them? Or use for dipping? If I put the sauce in it, they split open, if on the side or on top its fine.

you can also just spritz the edges w/H2O & use the pizza cutter to trim them closed, then another simple thumb press around the cut edge…we then flip 'em edge side down & make about a dozen cuts/vents…

when you all use a 12" pizza crust, do you just lay down cheese then toppings then cheese again on top… then fold it over so it’s a 1/2 moon shape then crimp? Thats all there is to a Calzone?

we use 1/2 a large DB…but we pin it out w/a roller, so it already resembles a half moon…the we make ours horseshoe shape

I use a 9oz dough, rolled out; 5 oz ricotta blended w/ parm and parsley; 4 oz mozz/prov blend; toppings as desired. Fold over and roll/fold/crimp a decorative edge around to seal, brush with garlic butter, cut three vent slits; bake off. Remove from oven, brush with gar-but and sprinkle with garlic romano seasoning. Serve with cup of red sauce.

Stromboli has same dough rolled with pin, light sauce, cheese, toppings, roll like a cigar to seal, place seam down on screen, brush, slit, bake, brush, season, serve with more side sauce.