can anyone give me any feedback on Revention?

I have Pdq and and very unhappy and want to get away from this company and am unsure where to go from here… Any body hear anything good on others…


diamondcrap sucks big time, i highly recommend staying away from them. If I were to switch right now, Revention would easily be my first choice.

I recommend Speedline and Firefly for high end. Point of Success for a budget. All have a great reputation. We went with Firefly.

We replaced our old system with Revention. I am very happy my choice. It has all you can ask for and there tech support is awsome.

The best way to find out any information about Revention is to contact them for a demo and let them know you want to speak with customers. They have done alot of replacments of other systems. It has a very easy user interface and you can get your own online demo. It is a good priced system that WILL see your ROI on and they work with some good leasing that is fast and on point. I have worked in restaurants with other POS systems and came to work with this company and it is by far one of the best systems I have seen. There is no perfect system but they have got the tools you need.

Welcome to the PMQ TT, Chris. Any affiliation with Revention?

Chris (bigslice) has PM’ed me to tell me he is affiliated with Revention, despite posting from a third-party viewpoint.

I lurk the boards…I find it so funny that this is the way that this company presents itself. It seems about right from what I have read and heard…
Anyways, I am back to my cave…researching POS, Vendors, and overall decision of opening a restaurant in this wonderful economy…
Best of luck to all…


I’m a big fan of Intura. I’ve been with these guys (as a customer-no, I don’t work for them) since 1996, and they’ve always been ahead of the curve. If you want solid reporting and great auditing features, it’s what I would recommend. The service has always been top-notch. I’ve looked at the others at every trade show and have yet to see anything that would make me want to switch.

I liked Intura as well. But I have posted my opinion of what I think is a conflict of interest.

Yes, I read it. I think it’s unwarranted concern, though. In over 12 years, they have always been there and addressed my needs. Of all the POS people I have met, I think their integrity level is tops. Very respectful, very attentive and always listening to the needs of their customers.
While I understand your concern, I can only state that from my personal experience–it’s a non-issue. I have gotten to know each of the guys that you mentioned personally and they have always taken great care of me and my stores.

It seems that some guys were upset that I am with Revention and did not do a song and dance about it. I would rather give the information that the person is looking for. If answering a questions is an issue please let me know. I am sorry I like to help people out and not have to blast my affiliation. I went to schoolf for Culinary Arts and have worked in restaurants with other pos systems and from my personal experience Revention is one of the best products I have seen in the market. It is built for pizza and does it well. If you have any questions let me know. I am always happy to help someone in need.

Revention does look pretty cool. It’s at the top of the list but what does anyone think of Aloha for delivery? I’m also looking at Firefly. Their screen just looks too busy though and the buttons are way small. It does do a lot though. I’m also looking at Foodtech but I’m having the same issues with that. Any feedback is welcome. I’m getting ready to open a counter and delivery pizza and wing location just north of Houston. I’ll seat about 55 and possibly some full service. If anyone is local and has one of these softwares I would appreciate viewing what you have.

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I’ve extensively used aloha for a dining room. It is phenomenal software. They just started doing pizza delivery, so I would probably stay away from them for awhile until they get all the kinks worked out. Plus they are pretty expensive.

Thanks SteveO

They did tell me that they were just moving into the pizza delivery area. At least he was honest. They are all over town, just not in pizzeria’s though.

thanks for the feedback


I agree with Steveo. Aloha is GREAT for dining room and bars. But its not good for carry out and delivery pizza.

I’m thinking I’m going to stay away from them since I’m doing delivery. Thanks for the feedback. I think I narrowed it down to Foodtec, Revention and Firefly.

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You need to ask the other guys if they will customize ANYTHING to your liking/request/needs/wants, and I don’t just mean minor programming like buttons. I believe that is what Revention is known for. That is a huge plus in my standards.

I am going to sound like I have it out for Revention, but I want to point out something about Steve’s statement. You do NOT want a POS company that promises to program ANYTHING (and be very suspicious of whether they will actually delivery after they receive your payment). A smart company will only program what they feel is marketable to others. Custom programming that the company cannot resell as an improvement to their product should be charged to you.

That is very good advice. I know all to well exactly what that is like for a company to promise something they can’t deliver. Although, I would never pay in full until they are 100% complete with installation/programming AND until you are 100% COMPLETELY satisfied.

I had a chance to speak with Revention on the phone for a good amount of time. I’m sure he had a feeling I wasn’t going to buy (because I already “invested” in something else) but he still spoke with me. He had mentioned to me about a recent owner that requested to have waste/mistakes added to his inventory module, which they never offered. They did it for him, and made a future upgrade in their 2 times/year update that goes out to everyone. That’s pretty cool. Diamond Touch would NEVER even consider doing something like that.

And one more thing I liked about Revention. The fact that they are ONE company that does not have 1,000’s of “resellers” that try to think they know everything about the program.

My advice is demo EVERYTHING, even if you don’t intend to buy - you may learn something. Create many different situation/scenarios that you think you may encounter in your store and try it out on the software - the pretty and the ugly. Get a huge list of things you want/need and let them show you each and every one of them. Do not rush it. This is a huge purchase and pretty much once you buy your stuck with it until you can afford to replace it.