can anyone give me any feedback on Revention?

Ricky, may I suggest you check out Prism from Microworks. I realize there are just too many POS systems out there to look at them all, but looking at your short list, I think Prism competes very favorably with the three you have remaining. As far as giving you feedback on Revention, all I know is that my last quote from them was approaching 30K for a six station system. Prism cost me less than 2/3 of what Revention wanted and gave me equipment that fit my needs better, and in my mind is a more proven company with a better reputation in our industry.

I see your points guys and it’s much appreciated. I did look into Prism a while back and it just looked old. With the kind of money it’s looking like I’m going to have to spend I’m not going to buy anything old. Oh and I remember another reason I counted them out. They use Dells and I HATE Dells. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve had so many issues with them and Ive hear other bad stories too. I don’t really need any extra features programmed though. I am taking my time though. One thing with Revention is that they are in my town so I went to the office. Pretty impressive and nice guys. Plus they gave references that I could stop by and speak with. They’re on the top of my list since I went by but the other Foodtech has some really good features too. Man, at this point I’m thinking about just getting a cigar box with some duct tape around it. LOL


I feel your pain. I’ve been researching and demo-ing for a year now. Some days I feel like sticking with the old pad and pencil then we get crazy busy and can’t read an order or I’m tired of asking is that peppers or pepperoni…aaaagghhh!!! The thing is I don’t want to make a $20000 mistake. I’ve got an earlier post about having it narrowed down to pdq and prism. I like ones software and ease of use but they are 8 hours away from me. I realize support is a phone call away and they can overnight if needed but i’d feel more comfortable with someone closer. The other one is closer and less expensive but doesn’t seem as user friendly. Both promise fantastic support but sometimes talk is cheap. So I’ll just continue my research. Sorry I can’t help you with revention.
Good Luck,

I feel for you guys too. I was in the same boat it took me almost two years and 2 pizza shows and many demos to make a decision. It is a major investment and nobody wants to make a mistake. There are many good systems out there. Many of them do the much of the same stuff. After extensive research it was down to Speedline and Revention. The reason I went with Revention was the system is more customizable, superior technology and true 24/7 tech support. I have called them @2am, weekends and they have always responded quickly. I could have probably saved a few bucks going in a different direction but we all know cheaper usually costs you. Anyway I had my old system for 12 years prior to the switch. Its been 5 months now and Im VERY happy with my choice.

I get your point on the 20k mistake. I’m doing my homework. I’ve been in the restaurant business for years, just not delivery. We used the old Panasonic (non touch) systems and I’m not going back there. The 24/7 support is a big deal to me too. The one company, hasn’t even sent me a quote yet. We did an online demonstration last week and havne’t heard from him yet. It’s like I’m hunting him down. When I’m spending this kind of money though I’m not going to chase him. One reason I liked Revention is they have so many people that have had other POS systems and have switched to them. It was good to speak with them and ask why they switched. That was big to me. I’m taking my time though. I’m not opening until January. Anybody like Firefly?

Thanks again,


I work for Revention pos but i dont want to pitch you i will et you make your own mind up. I do have a contact that may be able to help you hew had PDQ a works with other guys as well as us and had Mustangs pizza. Jeff Kaller is his name 443-463-7512 tell him Chris @ Revention told you about him. Good luck.

I work in the industry providing technical support to RapidFire customers.

There are a number of satisfied customers with Revention, as well as many who do not care for the product. You will find this to be true of all POS products.

I suggest looking companies with longevity & good support. I would not look at either FireFly (Phoenix POS) or Diamond Touch. Too many complaints from my customers with who have purchased either of these products for one of their locations. We have some satisfied Revention customers.

The vast majority of our customers have moved to SpeedLine. They have been around since 1994 and have a good support team.

Always buy you PCs from the POS Software company to eliminate the pointing of fingers between software & pc support teams.

Best of luck in your endeavor.

hey Revention Guy,
Can you tell me why it is that you guys “lock out” users of your system when their Revention online support runs out???
Is it true that the POS system frequently becomes disabled due to the need for a “unlock code”…which can only be obtained through online support…which your current position is to not unlock that system until they “re-up” that support ($1200.00 !!!)which is what i was told this afternoon( at dinner RUSH TIME no less)
Seriously, Revention, you should rethink your position about “customer service” and i was thinking about putting your system in our new store too!!!

Are you saying that their system is set up to lock you out if you don’t pay for support?

Well, what i am saying is Revention gives you ,i think,6 months of online support with the system…after which it seems our system started getting these “unlock code” warnings about needing a certain code number to get back into your system…which you cannot get unless you contact their support line
Now for a long time,they gave their assistance begrudgingly…always telling that our support had lapsed

We had verbal confrontations with them about these codes which they say protects their software from copy and such

Yesterday, they said thy are unable to “unlock” without paying for support,even if we were left unable to serve customers…they were finally convinced otherwise…but who knows how long before this happens again

Wait wait wait… Since you didn’t pay for online support, you’re unable to take orders?

That doesnt sound right to me… Once you pay for the system it should be yours regardless if you choose to have their support or not…

Revention has been trying hard to fix our problems…
I believe Jeff, the CEO @ revention,has been in direct contact and has his software people working to resolve this “lockout code” issue…supposedly a very uncommon problem because we do not have the support online and I believe that Revention is good for what they say
Revention is our 4th POS system and ,as far as usability, the best one we ever had!!!
Thank you,jeff ,for making us feel like we are as important to your company as any large corporate customer

Bobbio’s concerns have been heard by Revention and we have a strong commitment to designing solutions that help build business throughout the restaurant industry. This is what keeps Revention motivated to help its customers achieve success. Bobbio’s is currently experiencing a Microsoft problem on a personal computer and all of the files that are necessary to use the Revention software are on his system. Bobbio’s is unwilling to pay for the repairs that are needed to correct the issues with his computer. This could be corrected by a third party company or we are more than happy to evaluate his unit in our repairs lab. We have graciously offered Bobbio’s a refund for the software that they purchased from Revention as an effort of good faith.

Revention strives to satisfy all of our customers. Sometimes in a rare situation like this one, we are unable to make the customer happy and we believe that we have offered a mutually beneficial solution to the problem and we wish Bobbio’s success in their future endeavors.

Kind Regards,
Revention Product Manager

Hmmm. Am I the only who thinks something there doesn’t add up with Bobbio’s statement?

Jeff Doyle informed me he is firing me as a customer and is going to refund my money.

@Unnamed nameless revention product manager - Which is the case?

Seriously, Tom - replying to a post that is over 15 months old?

Whatever your trouble with Revention may be, this is not the place to continue this vendetta of yours…

Really, you are trying to warn someone that made a post 15 months ago?

You’ve made many posts here, warning people who have asked about Revention. Of course that is no problem.

But to continue to repeat yourself when no one has asked the question again, is, yes, a bit much.

Why would would reply to a 15 month old post in order to repeat your issue?

I feel obligated to update my status, i was contacted the day i posted about their customer service… which is remarkable considering i didn’t link myself to my business anywhere, my screen name however is similar to my email.

They offered me an apology as well as a few other things that i felt made right what i had originally asked for some time ago. According to them they had my place of business marked down as closed, we changed our hours quite awhile ago and had an answering machine explaining such… however i could possibly see them marking us down as such.

I believe everyone makes mistakes, and not calling us back for the amount of times we called was inexcusable as well as not supplying us with updates. However, that was a different time and its those who do not learn from their mistakes which deserve bad-mouthing. I will say that i am satisfied as to how they have handled my complaint.

Lets just pray it doesn’t take as long on the next crash… I suppose they mailed you installation CD?? I doubt it - you’re probably still under their thumb…

Can you say , “Damage Control”
What a bunch of posers they are.

First they market their product by slamming competition, then they build their customer base (and not follow through with half of what they promise), and then they start firing customers and staff. Something stinks and I am sure it comes from the senior management of this company.

I think that the company is heading towards a downward spiral. I would look into other companies who are more upstanding and actually have a better footprint in the industry as a whole.

Cut your losses. Stop funnelling your funds to this company. Get real RESTAURANT GRADE POS EQUIPMENT (not a dell with fans and whatnot made for an office for crying out loud), and move on.

My experience with Revention has been a complete train wreck. They have a fantastic sales team and they actually have a fantastic system with all the bells and whistles you could ask for…it is the service and tech support that is unbelievably bad. I don’t mean bad, but imagine how bad it could ever be and that is the sort of bad I am speaking about.

I had a software problem that would produce blurred orders. It took me two months and a minimum of 15 phone calls to get a piece of equipment replaced (not a problem since then). I requested to speak to anyone that had authority…anyone…they protect managers and owners as if they were CIA staff. I open my second location and I have purchased a system that can be serviced by a local computer software company in my market. These guys wouldn’t even give me a physical address to send a letter. They have over $11,000 of my money and I am forced to live with them for now at one store…but like I said, they didnt get my money for the second system and I look forward to meeting them face to face in March at the Expo…They will have to talk to me then, or I will gladly cause them the same inconvenience they have caused me…

Bottom line, they can’t be trusted with your money…Don’t make the same mistake that I made.