Hi, does anyone have any daily checklist or to-do lists that they care to share? I’m putting some together for my places but I’m not sure of a layout that I like. I’m talking about cleaning and prepping type list. Thanks.

Maybe I should clarify; I don’t want your actual lists. Just the layout you have yours in. ie. are they daily lists, weekly, laminated, etc.?

sorry, I can’t help…but I just wanted to add that this is something that I would be very interested in seeing too.

I tried to find a site that might have sold these but the only one I could find was a checklist site for restaurants which wouldn’t apply to my pizza takeaway shop.

Many thanks


I don’t remember ever seeing such a list or even a template. I’ve helped develop these lists, we call them master sanitation schedules when they are limited just to sanitation/cleaning issues, and we have even done them as part of an “ops” manual where we cover everything from disarming the alarm system in the morning to shutting off the lights and rearming the alarm system as we leave for the night. The problem is that all stores are different and the equipment is different too so they have to be custom made to your specific shop and equipment to be effective.
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We use checklists for almost every part of our restaurant. The common ones are: Opening List, Prep List, Daytime Cleaning (shift change) list, Closing List, Weekly Cleaning List, Monthly Maintenance List.

Most of them are just word documents with checkboxes. The only one that is different is a prep list. We have a page that has everything that could get prepped each day, and there are two checkboxes side by side for each item. The manager checks the left box on anything that needs prepped, then when it is completed someone checks the right box.

I converted them all to .pdf format, and then they are in a folder on the computer, so the managers can print them off when they run out.

Hope that helps. Checklists are great, and they allow me to not be there and ensure the detail stuff is getting done. You have to enforce them and check them though, or they will not get done and people will slack.

I laminated mine and use a wet erace marker. This saves a tree or two and keeps people from trying to use the excuse of not having the list so they for got something.

We make ours in a spreadsheet. Sure you can probably buy a list somewhere but I would suggest as you are prepping, cleaning, jot down what you do as you do it.

Make a spreadsheet listing activity in first column and the next columns are the days of week. Border them and create check boxes.

By doing it in the order you would normally do the stuff allows for a better flow. People love to check off stuff on a list…ours use their initials so if it is not done we can go back and ask what the problem was, if they noticabley do a great job we know who to compliment.

At the end of the list put, manager has checked me out so the manager is reminded to look over stuff cuz the employee asks them to check them out.

We also have additonal sheets which goes into detail how each task is to be done, in case they have some question on how to do it.

As the other poster stated, we have tons of lists. each shift has a daily, weekly, monthly


Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. So you have multiple lists that they have to flip through? Are they in a binder or hung up throughout the store? We’ve been in business for a long time without using them, but lately things keep getting missed. We know it is a labor problem, i’m just trying to create a paper trail.

We keep ours on clip boards in the various station Out in the open so we remember to use em and check em

They are changed out at the start of the week. I would suggest getting a few copies made so you have them, also leave blank spots to add stuff in.

I have some list if you still need them you will need microsoft word to edit them