Cheese Pizzas burning

If we put a topping or two on our pizzas, the cheese comes out perfect but if its just a straight cheese pizza, the cheese burns really bad. I’v tried just about every blend of
cheese there is, and can’t come up with anything acceptable.

Anybody else experience this problem?


I assume your using a conveyor? in which case - just push the plain cheese pizza into the oven rather than putting it on the conveyor outside the oven.

We have a similar problem. It is very hard (with some ovens) to get the oven to cook both a ‘fully loaded’ pizza and just a plain pizza to the same extent. So this approach works - in the same way you can put a pizza back in the oven again for an ‘extra well done’ pizza.

Yeah… We actually do this or we just pull it early. But then I’m not satisified with the crust :slight_smile: I guess you can’t win em all.

If your busy and keeping the oven full, you can’t really wait for the pizza in front to be far enough in that you can push the pizza in or leave space behind a pizza to push it back. In my mind, thats just not a reasonable solution.

I would first look at your finger arrangement. You probably have too much airflow on the top of your pizzas, and by closing one of the top fingers, your topped pizzas will probably still be fine and your cheese pizzas won’t be as dark on top. If you can’t find improvement here, maybe try lowering your temp by 20 degrees and adjust the time to cook your crust properly. If still having problems, you may need to consider adding more sugar to your dough to get it browning faster while lowering the temp of you oven to keep the cheese from scorching. And if none of this helps, my last suggestion would be run two different times and temps on your 2 ovens(assuming you have a doublestack) until you can figure out a solution. I actually do this with cook time in my Lincoln X-2 where cheese and one or two topping pizzas go on the bottom belt, and multi-topping and wetter pies go on the top belt. I can cook any pizza on either belt, but get optimal cook for all of them this way.

Paul’s posting was very good.

To get a true picture of what is happening please tell us what make and model oven you are using and at what time and temperature you are baking.

George Mills

Also, please tell us, if you can, what your present finger configuration on both the top and bottom are. Sometimes just a repositioning of the existing fingers can help in a situation like this. But we’ve go to know what we’re working with first.
Thanks for a great response Paul.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Ok… I’ll have to pull the fingers out tonight and write down the positions and I will post them this weekend…

Thanks, That should help George or myself give you some better direction.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have not forgotten about this thread yet… :). I will try and get a look at the fingers this week hopefully! We did a bit of remodeling last week hat kept us busy.