Cleaning excess flour from ovens

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I’m a newbie so sorry if this is a silly question… I will be baking my pizzas in a electric pizza oven straight on the stone deck, how do you guys get the excess flour out of the oven in between baking pizzas? is there a proper tool for the job or is it just a case of dusting it out with a makeshift ‘device’?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I couldnt find the answer anywhere.

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I use conveyor ovens so I do not have any first hand experience but I have seen tools like this around.

what he said, once you get em, pull the screws that hold the scraper on, and either wood glue them back in or drill the holes all the way through and use machine screws and lock nuts to hold the scraper on. they always seem to wiggle loose in the middle of the rush.


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What you will need to get is an oven rake and broom. These are available from just about every deck oven manufacturer. It is just a single tool that looks like a garden how on one side (rake) and it has wire bristles on the other side (broom). First you use the rake to loosen any debris from the deck surface, then you flip it over and use the broom side to sweep out the debris. American Metalcraft <> has them in their catalog as does Lloyd Pans <>.
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Hi guys:

As I have stated in the past I generally know only what my clients have told me.

I note in this thread that most operators are recommending the tool with a metal scraper on one side and brass bristles on the other side.

Many years ago 40 or 50 I had a supply company and we often sold the item described to pizza shops. But even more often we sold a device that was originally titled a radiator brush.

That is a rather narrow ,fiber bristle brush, with a long Handle for reaching well between the sections of hot water radiators (commonly used in those days in schools and commercial buildings to heat rooms). Those Brushes with their long handles are excellent for sweeping excess flour from a deck oven.

They are less abrasive and wearing on the deck then the brass fiber and metal scrapers which, were in those days, only used to clean severely soiled decks.

Does anyone still use that system?

George Mills