Competition Recipe

Hi all:

What’s the recipe for the dough used in competitions?

12 parts water, 12 parts flour, 6 ounces of play dough, 3 silly putty eggs, 3 real eggs and 3 tbl vanilla extract

If that recipe does not work, you can use the one from the PMQ recipe bank. I have not tried it so I can not attest to its performance, but here is a link

Ya, Passion was joking there. You would have trouble even picking up that ‘dough’. Go with the PMQ one or buy some throw dough.


I mixed up the PMQ one, it made a nice stiff dough.

In our kitchen, the public can see us making pies, and they love watching us throw dough. We like to give 'em a show too…and sometimes our regular dough stretches out pretty quick, so we’re gonna try having some stiffer dough around for that.


The throw dough is perfect for what you are describing. You can also buy a dvd which will show ya some extra stuff to do. We bought it to use in the parades and it was awesome.