Customer requests - gotta love 'em

Had two customer ring up last night:

  1. this guy swore like a trooper f’in this and f’n that. He ordered one pizza then asked ‘I’ll have one with with peppers and shi*t’

me - peppers and sh*t? I asked I’m not sure what you mean

him - ‘you know hot peppers and sh*t’

took a few minutes to try and educate him!

  1. A very nice lady called a few minutes later and ask for a cheese and tomato pizza with ‘you know’ on it

me - sorry ‘you know’? can give me a clue

lady - you know, thing-a-me, whats it called, you know

me - :roll:

eventually we narrowed it down to that round stuff…

me - pepperoni?

Lady - thats it! see you did know!

what a night!

People never cease to amaze or dumbfound me in this business. and when you think you have seen or heard it all. bam! something mind boggling happens. Gotta love em though.

I always thought it would be great if some cable channel did a reality show on restaurants. They could play the customer audio during phone orders. Maybe if more people could hear themselves they would understand how their orders get so screwed up sometimes.

If I thought it could work I would love to have a recording/voicemail answer my phones first.

Dial 1 if you know your address, what you would like to order and have payment form ready
Dial 2 for everyone else

The labor savings would be incredible.

I have a huge list, but here is one I’ll never understand.

“Will that be cash or credit?”


“Ok, whenever you are ready with the credit card number”

“Do you need the whole number?”

“Oh, no sir - just the first and seventh number - I’ll use my psychic powers to come up with the rest!”


I was taking a woman’s order the other day… (and English was definitely her first language)

“I want to order the large 1 topping special”

“Yes maam, what would you like on that pizza?”


"Yes, but what topping would you like on it?

“I want pizza on it”

“Pizza? Do you just want cheese or do you want a topping?”

“Yes, I want pizza on it”.

“Do you mean pepperoni?”

“That’s what I said!”

ummm. okay.

Or the “Let me read you everything on my coupon because you obviously have no idea what I’m talking about”

(for example, there is a coupon for “Combo #1” that is a large 1 topping, breadsticks and a 2 liter for $15.99)

“I have a coupon for the Combo #1

“Yes maam. What would you like on the pizza?”

“It says a large 1 topping pizza…”

“Yes maam, what topping would you like on that large pizza?”

“…and a 6 piece breadstick…”

“Allright, the combo #1, what would you like on the pizza?”

“… and a 2 liter for $15.99”

“Ok, yes. What would you like on the pizza?”

“Do you have Sunkist Grape?”

“Yes, we have Sunkist grape. What would you like on the pizza?”

“What toppings do you have?”

(read entire list of toppings, slowly, so she can repeat them one at a time to the guy laying on the couch…)
(hear guy in background say “I want broccoli” - even though you never said broccoli)

“I’ll take broccoli on the pizza”

“I’m sorry, we don’t have broccoli”

“You don’t have broccoli?”

“No maam”

(hear her say “They don’t have broccoli!” to the guy on the couch.)

“Do you have pepperoni?”

“Yes, we have pepperoni. Do you want pepperoni?”

“What kind of (insert name of Little Caesars breadsticks here) come with that special?”

“We have garlic or cinnamon”

“Ok. I’ll take broccoli on the pizza…”

:shock: :? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ok. I’ll take broccoli on the pizza…”
I love saying that. Just sounds funny. I think I will use it whenever I want to reply with a non sequitor.

“May I see your driver’s license, sir?”
“Ok. I’ll take broccoli on the pizza…”

“Paper or plastic?”
“Ok. I’ll take broccoli on the pizza…”

“Would you like fries with that?”
“Ok. I’ll take broccoli on the pizza…”

“How are you doing today?”
“Ok. I’ll take broccoli on the pizza…”

Of course when they have company over people can’t decide what they all want until you answer the phone then they all decide to discuss it.

My favorite: Is your chicken, fish or fries greasy? I say no we deep fry in water. What we all do if it were easy :smiley:

Or …

“Is your chicken organic free range breasts?”
Sure is. Nothing but the best in this fine dining establishment :stuck_out_tongue:

“What type of steak is it on your pizzas. Fillet?”
Sure is. Nothing but the best in this fine dining establishment. If you’re lucky you might even get Waygu steak which only costs us $75kg :stuck_out_tongue:

“How do you serve your Surf & Turf? (it is a signature gourmet pizza)”
As a pizza as it says on the menu
“Oh I thought it was a steak and prawns served on a plate”
Sorry but we are a PIZZA place ( under my breath … read the f#@king menu :twisted: )

“I want to feed 30 adults and 10 children. Do you think 4 large pizzas (13” @ 8 slices) will be enough?
Are you doing other food as well?
“No just pizzas”
(under my breath again… it will be fine if you are running a concentration camp :twisted: )

I could go on and on. This is a great topic :lol:


We do a special on Monday nights. 50 cent pints of beer, gets people in the door ordering full price pizza. Anyways, people complain that its only coors light and bud light. Imagine people complaining about almost free beer

Customer calls up for delivery

Me: What’s your address?

Cust: I don’t know… let me look.

Me: Did you just move to the area?

Cust: No

Gotta love it when they let their kids phone the order in.
People call in and say…" I want to call a order in" OK, I figured that when the phone was ringing and I answered it. Yes, great topic!

Yeah, I love that one. You repeat the order back to the kid, which the adults obviously can’t hear, and the kid says its right. Then the adult calls in later and is upset because the order is wrong.

Drivers love it when little kids answer the door because they know they are getting stiffed on a tip.

How does everyone handle this one …customer calls on friday at rush hour and wants phone girl to read the whole menu and all the specials then says ok thanks call you back

Yeah, I used to hate this one too - but I’ve found that more often than not (in my case) - the poor kid is calling the order in because they are the only one that speaks english in the house. I go out of my way to help the kid when I realize that.

A lady called us and wanted to know if we have any “veggie pizza specials”. I said no, however we have many vegetables to choose from, so I read them off to her.

She ordered, onion, green pepper and SAUSAGE!!!

I said ok thank you, we will have your order ready to pick up in 20 minutes, however I wanted to say something that would have been on the sarcastic side…


customer - do you still do the buy one get one half price?

me - yes sure

Customer - how does it work…

me - ehm… you buy a pizza and you get another one half price…

Thanks for the laughs that is so funny!