Delivery bags

What delivery bags are popular?

I currently use these ones;

They are pretty expensive though so I wanted to see what you thought about cheaper basic models?


We have been using the bags from for the past 7 years or so. They work great for us. We use b flute boxes and never have issues. We also use their food bags too which hold up great. We actually lose them quicker than they get worn out… Now if I can only figure out how the hell I lose about 4 or 5 bags a year! Damn drivers…

I import my bags from the US through Ingrid’s Bags. Mainly buy them on ebay in lots of 10’s. I get ones to suit our 13" large and another to suit 15" family size. Each can hold 3 boxes (4 at a pinch)
We order and then get delivery in less than a week for an average price around $33 including freight. Heaps cheaper than getting them here (and faster delivery too)
Ingrid is great to deal with and communicates well. The bags keep pizzas hot for long periods and are sturdy.
Highly recommend

I wish my drivers only lost 4 or 5 a year, sonds like a Friday night here.

4 of 5 bags a year? We lose 4 or 5 bags a week.

I would love to only have to buy 4-5 a year

Damn I guess I’m doing better than I thought.

We have lost the odd one here and there but if a driver came back from a delivery without the bag heads would roll and they would be paying for a new one. Losing 4 - 5 per weeks we would be out of bags in 2 months

When I was a driver for PH (many years ago) each bag was numbered and the drivers were assigned bags. At the end of the night you had to check in your bags when you cashed out. In the 6 months I drove for them there wasn’t a single bag that went missing.

Do you get the USA made bags or the cheaper ones Dave?

Do you mean Ingrid’s bags?
I just order them online on e-bay (Ingrid’s) but like everything else they are now made in China, but still good

I would buy bags that fit 3-4 pizzas and have my drivers pay a $40 deposit for their hot bag. They keep it and are responsible for it. When the leave or get terminated they must return the bag to retrieve their deposit back. This stopped the issue of losing bags.

Uncle Rico - how could you possibly handle that when you have multiple drivers taking multiple deliveries at a time? I suppose if you’re slow enough that a driver is only taking 1 delivery at a time it could work, but otherwise? I have thought about numbering the bags before, but then what happens if you need to have more bags that are in the store? Keep them in a separate area that are only used in special situations? I hate the fact of the drivers losing bags as well. We deliver ice cream too, so they are also losing cooler bags and ice packs as well.


I feel like we go threw about 50 bags a year between 2 shops

They get lost, stolen, dirty, stained, probably ran over.

I know we order some a few times a year and it’s about 20 an order, just another COGS

The 'deposit" and 'paying back" laws are different everywhere. Here in California you are not allowed to ever deduct anything from a check regardless of the the neglect on the employees part. 10 or so years ago I had a guy steal a $100. We fired him and made him pay back the money on his final check. He then reported us to the labor board and they made me pay him $1600 in fines and interest. Ever since then I chalk things like lost delivery bags all up to the cost of doing business. I don’t get upset about it or I wouldn’t sleep at night.

Just last week we had a new driver “lose” a $100 on delivery. We fired him a few days later but we didn’t ask for the money back because if he takes it to the labor board its going to cost us 10 to 20 times that much.


The bags that I purchased fit 4 18" pizzas and like 2-3 17x24" pizzas the bags were plenty big enough to carry more than one order. If a driver needed an extra bag (not that often unless it was a big order) I would have back ups which I collected at the end of the night or when the came back from the delivery if I remembered. It was a busy shop I had 7-8 drivers on a Friday night. I did not deduct it from their pay I just collected the deposit directly from them. Never had an issue I would put the deposit in an envelope in their file and when the left or got terminated if they returned their bag the would get the deposit back.

California law states that the employer can collect a deposit on a uniform ( delivery bag ) but you have to pay the employee interest upon return of the deposit.

The California restaurant association also recommends consulting an attorney before refusing to return a security deposit. You have to prove gross negligence on the employees part. Its much easier and cheaper to buy new bags.

How are you guys numbering bags or assigning bags to drivers? I don’t fully understand how that would work efficiently.

Do you mark down that bob left with bags 3, 9 and 18 and mark that he returned them when he got back? This method seems like it would add an extra employee to the payroll just to keep track of bags.

Or are the drivers bagging up their own food? Having the drivers bag their own food seems more realistic than having a guy check in and out every bag for every delivery, that’s for sure, but where does the food sit before it goes into an assigned bag? Or are all of bobs assigned bags left in the store except the one he’s out on delivery with? What if bob is the last to return on a delivery? Does the order sit and wait because it is assigned to bob, or do you now switch it from bobs bag into the bag of the first driver to return? This also seems like a lot of extra work (or unnecessary quality loss on the food if the bags sit until the assigned driver returns) so I’m assuming that I must be missing how this is suppose to go. Can someone clarify?

no you assign 2 bags to a driver each night! not each delivery. They are responsible for turning it in