delivery drivers

any idea how to catch and lure dominoes drivers away to my store?

Sell crappy pizza cheap so they get small tips? :slight_smile:

:twisted: the drivers I’ve seen love to eat crap–so they deliver it too. I tried to get one to drive less and make more but --------------

Why would you want Domino’s drivers? I found most of their drivers here to be very poor workers. They are paid by the hour so why should they hurry is the attitude I see around here.

Find you own and train them properly.

Aren’t most drivers paid by the hour?

The reason why they should hurry is so they can get more deliveries - and make more tips. I think most drivers understand the economics of “why should I hurry”.

Back to the original posters question - I’d think the main thing would be - can you supply them with a comparable number of deliveries per hour worked?

Most drivers here are contractors running their own little empire.

only close competetor

we pay them by the hour ( under min) and they get tips + commission. they end up making 10-20 per hour or more. i drove the last night and made 70 in 4 hrs just tips

Drivers as contractors is a recipe for a headache with the IRS, unemployement and workcomp down the road. Unless they run a business where they deliver for more than one restaurant, negotiate the delivery rates and set their own hours they are NOT contractors. Wait until one gets hurt and the shop is tagged for Work-comp.

You must be thinking about USA . . . Daddio is in Canada . . . WA Dave is in Western Australia somewhere. I know it gets confusing with all these furiners out there.

Nick, you are right. I was thinking about the USA. One of my competitors got tagged with that issue exactly about 5 years ago. (He ended up forced to sell the business)

yeah provide them with more deliveries, which in turn provides them with more money…seems simple…I am sure they are not loyal when it comes to the almighty dollar…of course you need to treat ALL your employees well as a given

Tell them that your floors are made from tiles of gold and that beer flows like a mountain stream through the ‘drivers lounge’.

I knew a guy that would have pizza delivered from a competitor just to try and get good drivers from them. He’d interview them right at his front door. He told me he got two drivers to switch right there on his door step. One quit that same night and the other(from a different competitor) quit a week later and joined his place.

What a better way to interview than to see how a driver carries himself, his personality and friendliness while delivering your pizza.

Don’t you wish we could exterminate them sometimes :twisted:

Just picked a Domino’s leaftlet out of my letterbox pushing their latest “70’s Range” promotion on one side and on the other side specials for sides and the top 1/3 of the page as an advert for drivers.

(Big print) DRIVERS WANTED … Like driving and listening to music? Why not get paid up to $18.00 per hour to do it!

Of course the (up to) $18.00 per hour includes delivery fees.

Must send this to the Dept of Consumer and Employment Protection. My understanding was that they had to withdraw this before because it was misleading to those who thought they would earn $18.00 per hour.

Even the biggies are having trouble getting drivers here in OZ. Every Domino’s store has huge posters in their windows for Drivers Wanted as do PH and Eagle Boy’s (Aussie franchise). I’m only a small store so I have a small poster.


Dave that ad does not say they will earn $18.00 per hour…It says they will earn “up to” $18.00 per hour…If they have only 1 driver somewhere that made $18.00 in 1 hour recently they will be okay…RCS…

Royster that is true. But they ran a similar advert before and had to pull it as it was deemed as misleading. Maybe they appealed and won?


As a driver, I can say, this is what’s important to me:

  1. Money. Hourly rate, enough deliveries (tips), and a fair reimbursement rate (for mileage / deliveries).

  2. Schedule. I’m a part-timer and I have the schedule I want at my current shop. I would only switch if I knew I could get the hours I want / need.

  3. Respect. If your drivers have to do all of the grunt work (dishes, floors, etc) and nobody else pitches in, they won’t stick around long. Likewise if your insiders (phone people, cooks) are slow and/or mistake-prone, it will affect tips and the drivers will go elsewhere.

Interesting duscussion…

Our drivers tend to stick around longer than cooks. Reason number one, I think, is money.

On our current driver roster we have the following:

#1: 8 years
#2: 8 years
#3: 5 years
#4: 4 years
#5-8 1 year or less

We have few that come back in the winter when we are busier.

Drivers are all over 25 years old with less than 6 points and no reckless, careless or alchohol/drug related things on the MVR. They drive our cars nearly all the time (we have three) except when we are really busy when we have up to six drivers on for dinner.

They make $6 an hour plus tips. The average tip here is $4.00 per deli. Most nights a driver will make about $50 in tips during a 4 hour shift. When we are slammed they make well over $100. When they drive their own car they make 6% of the delivery value as mileage. All in all, we do about 80% of the deliveries per year in company cars.

Drivers do the dishes, fold boxes and stock the drink cooler. Some of them are good in the kitchen too. If they are scheduled for a “swing” shift where they are in the kitchen and on the phones, but taking the oddball address for delivery we pay them $10 per hour.

Great results here. Where is it that you operate your place? I can’t remember if you had said in another thread.

Paying $6 for drivers and $10 for house staff is pretty agressive by our area’s standards. It definite gives you some “hand” in dealing with employees, if you are higher than the competitors.