Delivery Signs... how much of an Impact are they?

I’m getting a lot of slack from my partner about getting the pizza delivery signs for the top of the delievery cars…

So from personal experiences, how big of an impact did these signs make on your business overall?

Thanks all!

It’s not something that you can measure. Obviously, you want your place to pop into the minds of all the potential customers in your area when they are looking for pizza. One of the ways you do that is by throwing your name out there. Signs, banners, balloons, pens, frisbees, radio, tv, blimp, or whatever.

IMO cartoppers are worth the price you pay for them. Especially for my drivers. I have two that keep theirs on their car all the time. :smiley: It’s not something I asked them to do, but they’re doing it on their own. It shows the pride that have working here and their willingness to help promote da business.

One week I can remember, the two we bought paid for themselves. We got one particular subdivision that had a chain effect ordering spree. One person ordered . . . another saw the sign and thought about us . . . then another who hadn’t ordered in weeks called in $ total orders from the signs). All were $30+ orders, and they all ordered again the next several weeks in a row. The signs were why that started.

They are huge. Rolling advertising. Especially at night they stand out. They increase the number of cutomer ‘hits’, increasing the chance that they will order. By number of hits, I mean the number of times your logo goes past their eyes, marketing, driving by your shop, d-mails…

Another use is to give the competition the wrong information. I know that when I was working for Domino’s it drove me nuts driving by the local Papa’s and seeing 9 car toppers in the parking lot when I knew we only had 4 drivers on. Stick them on every car in the lot and you will leave your competitors scratching their heads as well.

Car toppers are some of the best advertising you can get. Trust me, when I delivered pizza I saw it all the time. I delivered to a particular sub division on the edge of our area one time, I had my car topper on and lit up. When I get back to the store there is an order going to the same exact street nearly ready. I take it and come back and yet again another order to the same exactly street is getting ready to come out of the oven. I take that one and guess what? when I come back another order is waiting for me in the beginning of the sub division. That’s three orders from the car topper! I have seen it countless times both as a driver and as a manager. Car toppers can be a bit expensive at first but they will eventually pay for themselves. Just look at the big 3. They all use car toppers for a reason, because it works! They get your name out there, people see a “Pizza Joint” sign going down the road on the car, they’re hungry, your number is on there, they say hey… I love that pizza lets call and get some.

Well, if their that large of an impact I have another question…

My logo is:

Should I just put the NAME and PIZZA under it? Or is it better to have the “reataurant and pizzeria”?

Thanks again all!


A car topper already implies PIZZA to most people.

Get that phone # on it so the cell phone users can call ahead while they’re driving home. :smiley:

[size=5]LOGO[/size] and phone number. It’s all about brand imaging guys.


And, for the sake of all that is sacred . . . put a BORDER around it. I learned that lesson a couple of times. Give the eye something to lock into. Ours is in this picture

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No, not yet. I don’t have quite so many miles on me yet :smiley: He’s my senior (of two) driver. I can be seen on my company logo and at this picture: … 0971684738

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I get what you’re saying but brother… where else would you like the delivery guys than IN THE PARKING LOT ! lol I love to see drivers cars sitting there. :lol:

It bugs me when I drive past a PJs or Domino’s and there are NO driver cars in the parking lot with car toppers. Cause that means that out delivering, AND out advertising with those car toppers.

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I was at the shop of a few weeks back and the place was jammed with new orders…They are weeks behind in getting orders out so in my mind the signs must work…RCS…

No doubt the signs work, keep’em lit at night(they have wireless light kits now). big drawback is liability, someone looking for a payday eye’s will light up. I stopped using them after a couple years, but if you’re a newer store they’re a must have.

What liability?

Think “bumper cars” or “targets of opportunity”. Pople will aim at them thinking we have deep pockets or huge insurance policies.

Additionally, they become targets of shake downs, robberies and muggings. All this is generally low probability given the number of runs made ina month, but one mugging is more than I want my employees to experience. We take precautions and still use the signs.