I am thinking of adding some desserts to my menu, anyone have any good ideas?

Currently I am making

Fruit pizzas - Pizza dough, pie filling, with struessel on top (Cherry, Apple, or Peach)

Cinamon and sugar dessert pizza with icing

Cookies? Brownies?

Ive mentioned my thoughts in the past about this.

I dont see the value in using a pizza oven if you are really trying to make desserts and sell them on their own. If you want to give something away as a sweetener on a combo deal or sell the occasional apple/cherry sticks I guess it is ok.

If you wanted to really do it right and sell desserts/bread etc etc, go get one of those mobile convection ovens that you can find used from time to time.

Burger King uses them for their breakfast goodies and when they sold Toll House cookies they used it for that too.

Here is an example-

You can cook bread, lasagna, cookies, pastries, brownies, cakes (cheesecakes) and it is made for such things versus forcing your gas oven to try and make it work.

Get one used, but even 5k for what you could use that for and the mobility of the unit makes it easy to put wherever you need it.

I dont understand why places offer stuff that just isnt good all to have something on the menu, rather than making something that people would order and enjoy and maybe even come to your shop to purchase on its own.

I don’t know about you, but I find pie filling on a pizza to be overly sweet. Try this, use your regular thin crust dough skin, brush it with melted butter, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, then add sliced friut such as apples (with the skin on) bananna (be sure to put the slices in water with a little lemon or lime juice to keep them from turning brown), sliced strawberries, blueberries, sliced kiwi, sliced peaches, halved red and green grapes, or slices of canned Mandarin orange. Just about any fruit or berries works well. Then sprinkle on a little streussel and bake the same as your thin crust pizzas. Let the pizza set-up a minute or so after baking and apply icing (powdered sugar and water mixed to a thick paste works well) from a squeeze bottle. Can be served hot or cold, is great when sold by the slice, and for a special treat, offer it ala mode.
These can be made in advance and held in the cooler, when needed, remove a slice and give it a partial pass through the oven just to reheat it, or, like I said, it is also great (my favorite) cold. This can be a great summer time (seasonal) dessert offering. This is just one of the pizzas that we make during our pizza production class in October and at the Orlando Pizza Show in September.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

When we did dessert pizzas we would take yellow cake mix and mix it with melted marg. (the consistency of oatmeal) and put that on the crust and then add the pie filling. Truly to die for.

We offer cheesecake. We keep it frozen and then defrost in micro for about 8 seconds. It is perfect. When we deliver we don’t defrost just send. What is nice is we can keep changing the kinds to keep it interesting. It is fantastic. Cost is 1.03 and we sell for 2.75…not the perfect food cost but doesn’t require much either.

We bundle it into our pasta meal special and it has sold like crazy. Gets everyone to try it and then they buy it even when not on special.

We had a cheesecake a local made that we actually served straight from freezer it was wierd…never froze solid but she retired and we found some other great ones from our vendor.

Of course the cinn. sticks…but never really had a great demand so we have taken it off the menu.


How about shot-glass desserts (too expensive but something like … 53918.html[/url]) or other mini desserts ([url],1-0,mini_desserts,FF.html).

I read an article a while ago (sorry I couldn’t find a link) about a restaurant selling $1 mini-desserts who actually sold more desserts than entrees because people ordered multiples.

I have heard from a few people that work in restaurants that offer the mini-dessert samplers that 1) cost is kind of high (especially if selling for $1), and 2) the labor involved to prepare the desserts was kind of an inhibiting factor…

I have been thinking about getting a small convection oven and trying the deep-dish “cookie pie” ala mode… Mmmmm.

I tried this today, just topped it with previously frozen sliced strawberries.

[size=5]KRIS YOU ROCK!!![/size]

Awsome thank you so much for everyone;s input this has become a great thread. I am trying alot of the recipes listed. Am having fun with the mini shots. Currently doing them in dixie cups. Found some cheese cake recipes that only require mixing and refridgeration and there are AWSOME. like $5 kit made over 15 Little cupped cheese cheesecakes, and it even came with a delicious strawberry glaze, cut up some fresh Strawberries to Garnish. Looks awsome. Will know the taste tonight after they chill tonight and will post the results!! 10 minutes of prep for these cheesecakes

kris, do you put that mixture on your pizza dough? is that what you mean by putting it on your crust? sorry, I’m confused!! we just ordered the otis spunkmeyer cookies, they provide a little oven and display case, I think it will be a great thing for the kids…not a lot of profit but the retail price of 1 cookie is 50 cents and I think the profit will be only be 50 percent, but its just something fun to add. we don’t have any desserts right now at all!

yes, directly on the crust and bake like a regular pizza (with fruit topping on) Makes the whole place smell good.

Mix just enough marg to make the batter smooth but goopey like oatmeal (We never did measure the marg)


Since I am at a farmer’s market, I have easy access to all these items. What are your personal fruit favorites for putting on the dough. Since strawberries are in seasonal here now, I want to include the strawberries. What happens with the fruit? Doesn’t it get soggy? I am going to try this great idea this week and see what happens. Since I am at a point of sale and have a deli case to show off the dessert pies, I think this is a great idea to try.
I don’t know if I should be asking you this question or not on this thread, but wondered what a pizza production class is? I would be interested in some kind of class about pizza making. Maybe I should post a question under another topic.

We have found that a pie filling works best because you have the sauce with it. Never tried fresh fruit but if I was going to I would do it as if I was going to make an apple pie with the sugar and cinnamon.

Kris,how much of the cake mix do you put on the dough? Do you bring it all the way to the edge of the crust?

I will try your recipe next week. It sound great, too.
Thanks, Norma

The fruit doesn’t get soggy at all. My personal favorites are Apples, Kiwi, Strawberries, Peaches, when available, and sliced (halved) red and green grapes, toss on a few Blueberries or Blackberries (think color) and you will have a great looking, and even better tasting dessert pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor.

I forgot to include:
Every October we offer a pizza training class here in Manhattan, Kansas. This class is designed for both “newbies” and experiences operators who want to learn more about making pizza. If you will send me an e-mail at I will be glad to see that you receive a brochure on the class. We will also be advertising the class here in PMQ Magazine. Mark your calendar for October 12 - 16.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hey everyone,
We are doing a feature on how to increase revenue in your pizzeria by offering desserts in the August edition of PMQ. We would love to get some feedback from some real operators who have been successful in offering desserts of all kinds. Send me an e-mail at if interested.
Andrew Abernathy, PMQ Associate Editor

Kris your recipe was absolutly delicious!! I have added it as an option at my shop, made three of them and using them as free samples for my customers to get they hooked.

I am going to start a monthly dessert program and make a different dessert of the month in an attempt to get people to try all the flavors. Even though about giving a free small pie with order of a large to get the idea out there more. Went shopping at a local market and found some good shortcakes so this month’s special is Strawberry Shortcakes. Found an awsome spongey cake and I make a mean Starwberry Glaze. Offered it two nights ago and already sold about 30 of them!! Seasonal stuff rocks

Could we get some detail on the cake “slurry” dessert? Are we talking one box per say, 18" pie crust? Mixed with melted butter/ marg. till sloppy, then spead evenly?