Diamond touch

I have a diamond touch pos system. I am having a problem with my drivers. I can not close the day becouse it shows 2 drivers still in, but no drivers are in. Any body know how to get reid of the two drivers and close the day. Please help (586-725-7700).

What does DiamondTouch say?

So all the drivers are closed out in the Driver Screen, Correct? Are ALL of the tickets closed out and all the registers closed out as well?

It maybe a credit card is not closed out from one of the drivers… or maybe try reopening all the registers with $0, and reclosing them again.

Call DiamondTouch and tell them exactly what you’ve posted here. They will have you go into the “DiamondTouch” file and delete a driver’s file that’s “hung”. Had this happen 1 time. It took about 3 minutes to fix the problem with Tech. That was about 2 years ago and it hasn’t happened since. I also wrote down the steps so that if it ever happens again, I can fix it without calling them.