Did You Know You Can't Require ID on CC Transactions?

Exceptional point, RegGuest. It is the basis for my ‘policies’ venture. I ask for the ID when the card is presented (prior to the swiping of said card) . . . . and hopefully have some clever way to dodge the whole transaction as laid out in this supposed policy statement I will have.

Even more truthful than anything I’ve heard this week. Merchants do appear to have little to no power to protect against liability in this racket. I will still make progress towards a policy . . . and we will in our shop still be vigilant against this kind of fraud. Losing even just a couple $50 or $75 sales isn’t something we can just wink at and walk on.

We have had chargebacks cost us big money in a month due to sevice provider error, and we got no relief at all from them. I sleep at night only knowing that I have some semblance of minimal control over my business . . . and a credit card processor can eat that away in a second. I promise not to sweat the nickels, but when it turns into quarters, then it is an alarm to listen to :slight_smile: