Digital menu displays

I want to get some digital menus installed in my store. What setup are most using for this? I know I could probably just get a couple tvs and load a usb drive into the with a menu jpg, is that the best way or are there other better options? Does anybody have a reference for someone who can do a good menu design for the digital displays?

I looked into it years ago and I remember it being very expensive for what it is. I’d personally just get 2 65" tvs and load up a PDF to each.

I had digital menu boards set up about 3 years ago.
It was about $600 per tv (that includes the tv and the installation from the ceiling). They have a small computer type thing on the back.

You get a login to the website so you can change prices, update photos and videos, and change backgrounds.

It was definitely worth it.

My tvs were hung up horizontally, but I wish id got them hung up vertically…it looks more aesthetic.

If youre coming up on your beverage contract with Pepsi or Coke ask them to hook you up

Is yours through Pepsi/coke?

The companies I looked at were all subscription services that were upwards of a few hundred a month per tv

No I got mine through a friend, he does alot of places around here.

I went to a pizza place in a nearby town last week and was chatting with the owner, i asked about his digital menu boards because he had them hung up vertically, which looks cooler, he told me Coke handled the whole thing. He also doesnt pay a subscription. He logins and can update pricing from anywhere

Stream, LLC has serviced our stores for 2.5 years. We do far more marketing in addition to our menu-based static displays. Highly recommend.

Try digital signage also both connect you to Poster My which is an amazing content stock photo/video site. Either of these are around $50 per screen. Also consider several static menu screens and only one that is connected to the cloud.