Digital menu displays

I want to get some digital menus installed in my store. What setup are most using for this? I know I could probably just get a couple tvs and load a usb drive into the with a menu jpg, is that the best way or are there other better options? Does anybody have a reference for someone who can do a good menu design for the digital displays?

I looked into it years ago and I remember it being very expensive for what it is. I’d personally just get 2 65" tvs and load up a PDF to each.

I had digital menu boards set up about 3 years ago.
It was about $600 per tv (that includes the tv and the installation from the ceiling). They have a small computer type thing on the back.

You get a login to the website so you can change prices, update photos and videos, and change backgrounds.

It was definitely worth it.

My tvs were hung up horizontally, but I wish id got them hung up vertically…it looks more aesthetic.

If youre coming up on your beverage contract with Pepsi or Coke ask them to hook you up

Is yours through Pepsi/coke?

The companies I looked at were all subscription services that were upwards of a few hundred a month per tv

No I got mine through a friend, he does alot of places around here.

I went to a pizza place in a nearby town last week and was chatting with the owner, i asked about his digital menu boards because he had them hung up vertically, which looks cooler, he told me Coke handled the whole thing. He also doesnt pay a subscription. He logins and can update pricing from anywhere

Stream, LLC has serviced our stores for 2.5 years. We do far more marketing in addition to our menu-based static displays. Highly recommend.

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Try digital signage also both connect you to Poster My which is an amazing content stock photo/video site. Either of these are around $50 per screen. Also consider several static menu screens and only one that is connected to the cloud.

Whatever you use, don’t use SkyKit. Very unhappy with it and looking to switch to Yodeck.

I have novisign and am very happy with the service. There was an initial setup fee which included them building my menu out on 5 screens and my monthly fee for all 5 screens is $50 and i can update them myself whenever i feel like it.

i am shopping for this now. Years ago there was a small outfit I met at Pizza Expo that sold their easy to use software for a one time fee and had no monthly screen charges. Just put your design on a firestick, buy your TV, and that’s it. I know I could do that with Canva or Powerpoint but would love to know the name of that company if anyone uses them. Thanks!

I used Fiverr and hired someone to design my menu as an Adobe Illustrator file. I believe it cost me $30. I then saved the file as a jpeg, place file on usb drive and into tv. When ever I want to make change I use Adobe illustrator.

I just had a demo with Stream and thought it looked like a good option. $99 per year per screen seems reasonable. Did you buy your own TV’s or do it through them. Thanks!

I just signed up with Yodeck. $7.99/month per screen. Can be used to send to multiple locations at the click of a button. A few other pay levels, at 9.99 and 12.99. I’ll see when I need to upgrade or what I’m missing out on soon.

Try fiver got it done for $200

Get an Imenu pro subscription with a couple of these Mini Computer Stick with Intel Atom x5-Z8350 & Pre-Installed Windows 10 Pro,8GB DDR3L 120GB ROM Fanless PC Stick Support 4K HD, Bluetooth 4.2 and Dual Band WiFi 2.4G/5.0G

Updates are done super easy. No need to pull USB jump drives to edit pictures or anything

I got mine on Fiverr as well for $30 a screen, and was provided fonts and illustrator files to make price changes.

That’s pretty awesome looking, I was happy with what I did with Yodeck but this looks great! I’ve never used illustrator before though

Chef Matt - glad you posted your menu; I’m in the area and didn’t know about your place. Think I might be getting a Lucifer’s Revenge this weekend!

On the topic of the thread, your menu boards look great. $30 seems like a steal for the functionality.

I’m about to pull the trigger with Stream. Plan is to go pick up some tv’s at Costco. I hear of “possible” issues mounting them vertically – specifically the venting. Has anyone had issues mounting their tv’s vertically and going bad because of overheating? Generally I’ve always felt that the cost of commercial displays never outweighs the possibility of needing to replace a residential screen gone bad.

I’m buying 6x 50" screens.

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